Carlsbad and Its Environs

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Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, 1886 - Balneology - 199 pages
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Page 202 - MAC DONALD. Mary Marston. Guild Court. The Vicar's Daughter. Adela Cathcart. Stephen Archer and other Tales. Orts. Weighed and Wanting. By W. CLARK RUSSELL. A Sea Queen. Wreck of the " Grosvenor." John Holdsworth (Chief Mate). A Sailor's Sweetheart. The
Page 203 - NORTH BORNEO: EXPLORATIONS AND ADVENTURES ON THE EQUATOR. By the late FRANK HATTON, Fellow of the Chemical Society and Associate of the Institute of Chemistry of London, Scientific Explorer in the Service of the British North Borneo Company and Government of Sabah, etc.
Page 201 - The Trumpet Major. Far from the Madding Crowd. The Hand of Ethelberta. A Laodicean. Two on a Tower. By OEOROE MAC DONALD.
Page 202 - By Mrs. CASHEL HOEY. A Golden Sorrow. Out of Court. By LEWIS -WALLACE. Ben Hur ; a Tale of the Christ. By Mrs.
Page 38 - September 19, 1711 . . . We, thank God, are well, only our bellies are swelled up with water, because we drink like horses, and we have nothing else to do except. . . . You write that on account of the cure I should not hurry to you. It is quite evident that you have found somebody better than me. Kindly write about it. Is it one of ours or a man of Thorn? I rather think a man of Thorn, and that you want to be revenged for...
Page 14 - Travellers are recommended to get a steamer trunk or bag that will fit under the berth, to contain the articles required on the passage ; the space between the floor and bottom of lower berth is generally about 15 inches. We also strongly recommend getting a
Page 178 - The nature of the disease, the age and constitution of the patient, as we have said, complete our group of reasons for determining the choice of the dilution.
Page 13 - ... if possible, to go over the ship and see the position of the state-rooms before engaging one, as a good deal of one's comfort at sea depends on having a well situated state-room. Tourists are also strongly advised, if possible, not to leave engaging their rooms till near the time of their departure. The present travel across the Atlantic has reached such large proportions, that in spite of the number of steamers sailing weekly the best rooms are generally engaged months ahead. The time the steamers...
Page 193 - ... anywhere from forty to sixty years of age — legislators, men of science, prominent merchants or financiers, or even army officers: you will be sure to find one case of diabetes among the score.
Page 175 - ... exceeding a pint generally has the contrary effect. There are patients who never require more than this smaller quantity for the regulation of the bowels; these are, however, exceptional cases. The waters are taken in the morning as a rule; the usual hours are from 6 to 8 AM, of course before breakfast, except in the case of delicate invalids, who may be permitted to breakfast lightly beforehand if necessary, and even to use the waters at home. The custom of the place is to take them during the...

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