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King (Under the Dome, 2009, etc.) adds counterfactual historian to his list of occupations.Well, not exactly: The author is really turning in a sturdy, customarily massive exercise in time travel that just happens to involve the possibility of altering history. Didn't Star Trek tell us not to do that? Yes, but no matter: Up in his beloved Maine, which he celebrates eloquently here ("For the first ... Read full review

Review: 11/22/63

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Al Templeton (owner of Al's Diner) found a time portal. Whenever he uses it, it drops him in Lisbon Falls, Maine, on the morning of September 9, 1958. That's over five years before John F. Kennedy will be assassinated. Al thinks he can live in the past long enough to save the president. But the past is obdurate. (That's King's word. Good one, too, isn't it? It means obstinate, callous, unbending ... Read full review

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Excellent novel. Having read IT a few times in my life, I thoroughly enjoyed the portions of the book based in Derry. It was almost as though I was reading a story about my hometown and I enjoyed how King created an overlap between the two universes.
As usual, King's characters and environments are rich with detail. King sticks to his usual formula of describing just enough to allow you to paint a mental picture without being too verbose. I am easily bored by authors that feel they need to describe every detail of something - I read to escape and imagination is a big part of that.
5 stars. Highly recommend.

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absolutely amazing and captivating. one of S.K.'s best, without a doubt.

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This book is so masterfully crafted that I can not imagine anyone not enjoying it. For those who often shy away from Stephen King books because they can be too "scary" for them this book solves that problem. The characters are so well written that you can't help but feel the emotion along with them. Not to mention how wonderfully the world in the past is described. It's like a movie in your head is happening the entire time. I found myself questioning myself as to what I would do in similar situations that the main character found himself thrust into and of course in typical Stephen King fashion he ended it with a surprise I didn't see coming...and then made me even shed some tears at the very end. This book is excellent...if you are wondering if you should read it stop wondering and just get started! 

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All I got is a half rock.
I want more about Lang. Great read!

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$10 for a digital print?
Why would I pay so much for a digital proof that costs the publisher nothing? This is stupid.

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This book was so well written and the way you really never could predict what could happen next just shows how King can put together such intricate and beautiful stories, even ones based very much off factual events.

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I have to say I'm not a big reader but this is one of those books that once you start you definitely can't put down.

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Best. Book. Ever.
This is my all time favorite Stephen King book. SK makes the characters so real in the book, you feel like you know them. Definitely his best to date.

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