Examples of Industrial Education

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Ginn, 1912 - Industry and education - 330 pages
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Page 284 - ... council ordering such election, transmit a copy thereof to the clerk of the town or towns of which such territory is constituted. The clerk or clerks of said towns shall thereupon cause a notice of such election to be given and such election to be held and canvassed as provided in section 943. 5. If a majority of the ballots cast in such school district shall be in favor of the establishment, taking over, conducting or maintenance of such trade school, then such board shall proceed as heretofore...
Page 289 - ... at the same time and in the same manner as other taxes are levied and collected by law...
Page 279 - The board of education in a union free school district which maintains a general industrial...
Page 46 - Laboratory work and shop work engender a habit of observation, a knowledge of the difference between accuracy and vagueness, and an insight into nature's complexity and into the inadequacy of all abstract verbal accounts of real phenomena, which, once wrought into the mind, remain there as lifelong possessions. They confer precision; because if you are doing a thing, you must do it definitely right or definitely wrong.
Page 283 - ... fund, shall be used in establishing and maintaining a trade school or trade schools in such city, shall not be diverted or used for any other purpose whatsoever, and may be disposed of and disbursed by the school board of such city in the same manner and pursuant to the same regulations governing the disposition and disbursement of regular school funds by such boards.
Page 286 - ... such forfeiture to be collected on complaint of the industrial commission of Wisconsin, and paid into the state treasury. Any indenture may be annulled by the industrial commission of Wisconsin upon application of...
Page 285 - An agreement stating the number of hours to be spent in work, and the number of hours to be spent In instruction. During the first two years of his apprenticeship, his period of instruction shall be not less than four hours per week or the equivalent.
Page 291 - The local board of industrial education is authorized to charge tuition fee for nonresident pupils not to exceed fifty cents per week. On or before the first day of July in each year the secretary of the local board of industrial education shall send a sworn statement to the clerk of the city, village, or town from which any such person or persons may have been admitted.
Page 46 - The most colossal improvement which recent years have seen in secondary education lies in the introduction of the manual training schools; not because they will give us a people more handy and practical for domestic life and better skilled in trades, but because they will give us citizens with an entirely different intellectual fibre.
Page 86 - I have outlined be carefully and efficiently done, that the incoming student will have developed a much more serious attitude toward his work than obtains at the present time; will have oriented himself better, so far as his subjects are concerned, and that the break will not be so great or so discouraging as with the plan under which we are now working.

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