John Randolph: A Character Sketch, Volume 555, Issue 4

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University association, 1898 - 106 pages
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Page 22 - it is my deliberate opinion, that, if this bill passes, the bonds of this union are, virtually, dissolved; that the States which compose it are free from their moral obligations, and that as it will be the right of all, so it will bo the duty of some, to prepare,
Page 99 - He then quoted the following lines from Cowper. "I would not enter on my list of friends, Tho' graced with polished manners and fine sense, Yet wanting sensibility, the man, Who needlessly set foot upon a worm.
Page 40 - as the same men—some of them at least—are now held up as the advocates of England; those firm and undeviating Republicans, who then dared, and now dare, to cling to the ark of the Constitution, to defend it even at the expense of their fame, rather than surrender themselves to the wild projects of mad ambition
Page 52 - go below when the ship is in distress, and throw the responsibility upon the cook and the cabinboy. I said so when your doors were shut; I scorn to say less now that they are open. Gentlemen may say what they please. They may put an insignificant individual to the ban of the Republic—I shall not alter my course.
Page 38 - is not for the honest carrying trade of America, but for this mushroom, this fungus of war—for a trade which, as soon as the nations of Europe are at peace, will no longer exist, it is for this that the spirit of avaricious traffic would plunge us into war "I deem it no sacrifice of dignity to say to the Leviathan of the
Page 74 - from rival eyes Unwilling tears could summon: The stinging taunt, the fiery burst Of hatred hardly human. Mirth sparkling like a diamond shower From lips of lifelong sadness; Clear picturings of majestic thought Upon a ground of madness.
Page 40 - Republicans were then unwilling to trust a standing army, even to his hands who had given proof that he was above all human temptation. Where now is the Revolutionary hero to whom you are about to confide this sacred trust? To whom will you confide the charge of leading the flower of our youth to the Heights of Abraham?
Page 63 - it must not be tampered with by quacks, who never saw the disease or the patient. The disease will run its course—it has run its course in the Northern States; it is beginning to run its course in Maryland. "The natural death of slavery is the unprofitableness of its most expensive
Page 36 - of objects, not within those limits and that jurisdiction. As in 1798 I was opposed to this species of warfare, because I believed it would raze the Constitution to its very foundation — so, in 1806, I am opposed to it, and on the same grounds
Page 84 - Mr. Speaker, in the Netherlands a man of small capacity, with bits of wood and leather, will in a few moments construct a toy that, with the pressure of the finger and the thumb, will cry 'Cuckoo ! Cuckoo !

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