The Herring: Its Natural History and National Importance

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Edmonston and Douglas, 1864 - Atlantic herring - 372 pages
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Page 242 - ... between the trawlers and the line and long net fishers of the two countries, the high contracting parties agree to appoint, within two months after the exchange of the ratifications of the present convention, a commission, consisting of an equal number of individuals of each nation, who shall prepare a set of regulations for the guidance of the fishermen of the two countries...
Page v - The Natural History of the Herring, considered in Connection with its Visits to the Scottish Coasts,' ' British Commercial Legislation,' ' Modern Athens and the Piraeus,
Page 191 - I was sent to England ; and thus I am a Teague, or an Irishman, or what people please, although the best part of my life was in England. What I did for this country was from perfect hatred of tyranny and oppression...
Page 320 - Boats which may be already fishing in such Place shall depart therefrom, and shall keep at a Distance of at least Three Miles from the said Drift-net Herring or Mackerel Boats.
Page 192 - I believe the people of Lapland, or the Hottentots, are not so miserable a people as we ; for oppression, supported by power, will infallibly introduce slavish principles.
Page 34 - Strait, — in the bays of Baffin and Hudson, — in the sea to the northward of Behring's Strait, and along some parts of the northern shores of Asia, and probably America. It is never met with in the German Ocean, and rarely within 200 leagues of the British coasts : but along the coasts of Africa and South America, it is met with, periodically, in considerable numbers.
Page 318 - Mugglins;" thence by a straight line to the Southern point of Dalkey Island ; thence by a straight line across Dalkey Sound, in the direction of the signal station on Killiney Hill. Prohibiting Trawling within a line drawn from the Nose of Howth, to the Eastern point of St. Patrick's Island (Skerries); thence to Clogher Head ;thence to Dunany Point; thence to Cranfield Point, in the County Down.
Page 320 - Trawl Boats shall always keep at a Distance of at least Three Miles from all Boats fishing for Herrings or Mackerel with Drift-nets. ARTICLE XXVI. — Whenever Herring or Mackerel Boats...
Page 89 - There can be no doubt that the herring inhabits the deep water all round our coast, and only approaches the shore for the purpose of depositing its spawn within the immediate influence of the two principal agents in vivification — increased temperature and oxygen ; and as soon as that essential operation is effected, the shoals that haunt our coast disappear, but individuals are to be found, and many are caught throughout the year.
Page 260 - Scotland, the branding system forms so essential a part of its arrangements, its abandonment might cause such derangement and contraction of that trade, and consequent loss and inconvenience to those engaged in it, and to the large bodies of the working classes employed, not only in fishing, but in the various operations of curing for the European market, that I feel compelled, notwithstanding the objection in principle to which it is liable, to recommend that it should still be maintained, and,...

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