The Complete Burke's Backyard: The Ultimate Book of Fact Sheets

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Allen & Unwin, 2005 - Conservation of natural resources - 1103 pages
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A collection of about 2000 fact sheets about Gardening (ornamental plants A to Z; herbs, fruit and vegetables A to Z; lawns; pests, weeds and diseases; gardening techniques; garden DIY and landscaping; garden styles and features); Pets (roadtests ; pet care); Conservation and the environment; Home among the Gum Trees (home maintenance; interior design); Food, nutrition and health (recipes; nutritional advice; health and fitness tips)

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Black and white pictures are not helpful at all. It baffles me, in this day and age, when color media is a lot less expensive than it used to be, that anyone would use B/W...especially with photos of flowers.

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Great reference book.Helped identify insects and how to get rid of them. Just what I needed.
Thanks for the help.


Herbs Fruit and Vegetables
Weeds Pests and Diseases
Gardening Techniques
Garden Makeovers
Garden Styles and Features
Native Wildlife at Risk
Wildlife Sanctuaries
Fish and Aquatic Life
Pet Care

Food Health and Nutrition

Common terms and phrases

Popular passages

Page 285 - Siegesbeck, was moved to attack it on the grounds that such loathsome harlotry as several males to the one female would never have been permitted in the vegetable kingdom by the Creator, and asked how anyone could teach without offence so licentious a method.
Page 592 - Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200...
Page 410 - When dried, the seed should be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place.
Page 560 - ... the slope of which is as nearly as possible the same as that on which the shadow of the tree falls. Measure the height of the pole from the surface of the earth, the length of the shadow it casts, and the length of the shadow cast by the tree. The height of the tree may then be computed as follows: Multiply the length of the tree's shadow by the height of the pole, and divide the product by the length of the pole's shadow. The proportion may be expressed thus: The height, of the pole is to the...
Page 619 - Tozer, ME (1997) A Practical Guide to Soil Lichens and Bryophytes of Australia's Dry Country, New South Wales Department of Land and Water Conservation, Australia.
Page 204 - According to legend, Lakshmi rose like Aphrodite from the froth of the ocean in radiant beauty with a lotus in her hand.
Page 310 - It is not a moss at all, but a member of the pineapple family (Bromeliaceae), which is often found hanging on the branches of trees.
Page 408 - Tomatoes grow in frost-free conditions in a warm, sunny spot. In warm, frost-free zones (for example, the tropical and subtropical parts of the Northern Territory and coastal areas of north Queensland) tomatoes can be grown all year round.

About the author (2005)

Don Burke Recognized across the country, and increasingly internationally, Don Burke is Australias most popular and respected gardener. Burkes Backyard aired on television from 1987 to 2004. Its unique blend of accurate, practical information with a liberal dose of family entertainment, ranged over topics from horticulture to pets to garden make-overs, all coupled with Dons own backyard philosophies on the pleasures of outdoor living. He brought specialist subjects up to primetime TV and his style have been emulated worldwide. Don and his wife Marea have an independent production company, CTC Productions, which as well as having produced Burkes Backyard continues to produce the Burkes Backyard magazine and Backyard Blitz, which showcases Dons talent for makeovers. Don and the team from Blitz also joined forces with other lifestyle shows to create the ultimate house and garden make-over with Renovation Rescue. These programs were shown as specials on the Nine Network. CTC Productions also produced the first series of a weekly version of Renovation Rescue in 2004. Don is an author, columnist and radio broadcaster and a lifelong animal carer, particularly keeping and breeding native birds. He has an honours certificate in horticulture and a distinction certificate in tree surgery. He is a recognized authority on finch and budgerigar breeding. He is also involved in the breeding of paint and quarter horses of which he has several in Australia and the US. Don was one of the founders of Greening Australia, Year of The Tree and Decade of the Tree. He was President of the Australian Institute of Horticulture (NSW), a National Director of Landcare and a board member of Sustainable Development Australia. He organised key seminars on urban bushland throughout the 1970s and 80s. He persuaded the NSW Government to introduce the first environmental weeds legislation in that state. He also persuaded the then Federal Minister for Primary Industry Simon Crean to establish the National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals. This led to the achievement of one of Dons major goals - the removal of organochlorin chemicals (the DDT family) from Australia forever. He also achieved a change in legislation regarding cats throughout Australia, following his documentary Fatal Instincts on the problems posed by domestic and feral cats. Don practices what he preaches. He has created and lives in one of Australias finest indigenous native gardens which is a haven for wildlife. Burkes Backyard was often filmed in Dons garden and he wrote a book on his garden titled Indigenous which was published in 2004. He is currently Patron of Retina Australia and the Australian Childrens Literary Board. Dons interests range from philosophy through to the Marx Brothers; animal breeding with particular emphasis on genetics; horses; bird keeping; a long interest and participation in environmental issues; and of course, plants.

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