More Tales by Polish Authors

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Longmans, Green & Company, 1916 - English fiction - 288 pages
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Page 92 - I'll tell you everything ! I'll tell you 1" His voice quavered, for several hands had already seized him and were dragging him towards the door. It was some time before he was able to speak. He fell panting on the table.
Page 96 - Jedrzej walked in front. Every now and then he gave orders in a low voice, and someone left the line, ran up to a window, and, hammering at it with his fist, cried: " Come out ! It's time !" The light in the cottage would be extinguished at once, and the door would creak. Black shadows, feeling their way with sticks, would creep out and join the crowd in silence. They now walked still closer together and with even greater caution, looking carefully in all directions.
Page 125 - A wild and gloomy night was coming on fast, night such as falls upon deserted fields. The wind increased and roared monotonously, changing from time to time into a solemn largo. The snow was driving from the side. " Be careful of the road, my friend, else we shall come to grief," the doctor shouted, immediately hiding his nose again in his fur collar.
Page 94 - They have stolen a great many horses and cows from people, and a lot of money." " It was easy for them to do all that, for the Starszy gave them the go-by, and went shares with them. ..." " They had a gay time at our expense; let them pay for it now. ..." " If everyone talks, I'll have my say, too,
Page 108 - You want to murder innocent people ! You're thieves and traitors yourselves !" He cursed and threatened them dreadfully, till the old man begged him to stop. " You'd better knuckle under, son. Confess; then perhaps they'll pardon you. Knuckle under! ..." " I won't ! I won't beg for mercy from blackguards ! Dogs ! Damned scoundrels ! Carrion ! I've no need to confess myself. Let them kill me — the swine ! Only let them dare to do it ! The Cossacks will give it them back for me tomorrow.
Page 110 - That's a lie !" the miller bawled, springing towards them and threatening them with his fists. " We all know that she got herself into trouble with the policeman — all of us !" the women cried; and everyone suddenly knew something about the matter, and put in his word. Then Jedrzej began to speak again: "You people, listen ! Brothers ! We have punished only these; but the biggest thief has run away.
Page 128 - The lamp that was standing on a table beside the invalid's pillow had been turned low. It was not possible to distinguish the schoolmistress's features, as a large book had been placed as a screen, and the shadow from it fell on her face. The doctor carefully turned up the lamp, removed the book, and looked at her face. She was a young girl.
Page 90 - Ha, ha ! You're in a larky mood, I see, as if it were Carnival. Of course, if you all go in a crowd to a fellow and threaten him with sticks, he'll be ready to swear to anything you like. I tell you the truth: I know nothing about this, and I know nothing about the thieves. You can believe me if you like; if not, then don't.

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