Gurney Married: A Sequel to Gilbert Gurney, Band 3


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Seite 200 - You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.
Seite 245 - seizes on us suddenly without giving warning, and our disposition or weakness favours the surprise : one glance, one look from the fair, fixes and determines us. Friendship, on the contrary, is a long time in forming ; it is of slow growth, through many trials and months of familiarity. How much wit, good-nature, indulgencies ! how many good offices and civilities are required among friends to accomplish, in some years, what a lovely face or a fair hand does in a minute!
Seite 210 - Figure, I own, at first may give offence, And harshly strike the eye's too curious sense ; But when perfections of the mind break forth, Humour's chaste sallies, judgment's solid worth ; When the pure genuine flame, by Nature taught, Springs into sense, and ev'ry action's thought ; Before such merit all objections fly ; Pritchard's genteel, and Garrick's six feet high.
Seite 304 - Cuthbert's countenance, or the agitation of his frame, while the great lady in the little l>arlour was fulminating all these her denunciations, would be impossible; he turned deadly pale, his limbs quivered, and he sank back like a corpse against the back of the sofa. Kitty rushed out of the room, and, in less than a minute, returned with Hutton and some water. Nubley rose from his seat, and lifted poor Cuthbert up. " It's all very fine, fainting," said Mrs. Brandyball, " but tricks upon travellers...
Seite 201 - LIFE'S like a ship, in constant motion, Sometimes high, and sometimes low, Where every one must brave the ocean, Whatsoever wind may blow ; If...

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