Poor's Manual of Railroads, Volume 33

Front Cover
H.V. & H. W. Poor, 1901 - Railroads

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Page 235 - ENGRAVERS AND PRINTERS OF BONDS AND STOCK CERTIFICATES, And all other documents requiring security. Bank Notes, Bonds, Postage and Revenue Stamps for Foreign Governments, Drafts, Checks, Bills of Exchange, Letter Heads, etc. ENGRAVING AND PRINTING executed in the finest and most artistic style from steel plates, with special safeguards to prevent counterfeiting. Special papers manufactured exclusively for use of the Company. SAFETY COLORS. SAFETY PAPERS. Work executed in fire-proof buildings.
Page 272 - After such registry, no transfer shall be valid unless made on said books by the registered holder in person, or by his attorney duly authorized, and similarly noted on the bond, but the same may be discharged from registry by...
Page 211 - America; which sum the said company promises to pay the said , or assigns, at the office of the Company, in the city of...
Page xii - ... First Stone rides upon a huge car, preceded by the Band (the Mount Clare Band of today), playing the Carrollton March, written for the parade of ninety-nine years ago. The blacksmiths are represented by the Sons of Vulcan; the carpenters by a Doric Temple and the shipbuilders by a vessel, the Union. Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the only surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, rides in a barouche.
Page 63 - The board may provide for the interchange of coupon bonds for registered bonds and registered bonds for coupon bonds, and may provide that the bonds shall be registered as to principal only, or as to both principal and interest, or otherwise as the board may determine.
Page 208 - appropriate congressional committees" referred to in subsection (a) shall include the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Committee on Finance of the Senate and the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives.
Page 289 - This bond shall pass by delivery, or by transfer on the books of the Company in the City of New York.
Page 141 - Stock, given at a meeting of the Stockholders called for that purpose, and the consent of the holders of a majority of such part of the Common Stock as shall be represented at such meeting, the holders of each class of stock voting separately.
Page 272 - ... coupon sheet issued therewith has been surrendered by the holder, and the coupons canceled by such treasurer, and that the principal and the semiannual interest are thereafter to be paid to the registered holder, or order, by draft, check or warrant drawn payable at a place of payment specified in the bond, after which no transfer shall be valid unless made on such treasurer's books by the registered holder, or by his attorney duly authorized, and similarly noted on the bond. After such registration,...
Page xx - ... recuperation had not then been created. Years, consequently, were required to repair the waste and loss that had been suffered. After resuming from the suspension of 1837, the great majority of the banks of the country again suspended payment in 1842. The period from 1837 to 1844 may be set down as one of the most gloomy and disastrous In the history of the country The works first...

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