Biennial Reports of the Secretary of State ...

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Vols. 1884/86-1910/12 include reports of the Superintendent of Public Property; 1874/75-1910/12 include reports of the Printing Board.

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Page 3 - GENERAL FUND. This fund embraces all the revenue of the state applicable to the payment of the ordinary expenses of the State Government.
Page 14 - State by act of Congress, approved July 2, 1862, for the support of an institution of learning, where shall be taught the principles of agriculture and mechanic arts, form the Agricultural College Fund.
Page 3 - ípublic fees, office fees, and sales of laws and reports. The expenditures therefrom are authorized by permanent and temporary appropriations, and by the several laws requiring the secretary of state to audit accounts. The receipts and disbursements have been as follows: RECEIPTS.
Page 185 - Pursuant thereto, the Legislature has prescribed the powers and duties of the State Board of Equalization, and has confided to that Board the sole discretion to equalize the assessed valuation of the taxable property of the several counties of the State.
Page 16 - ... and is applied to the support of the State University. It is placed at the disposal of the Board of Regents by transfer to the treasurer of the Board in the same manner as the University Fund Income.
Page 24 - ACT to amend sections 5 and 7 of chapter 235 of the laws of 1882. entitled " an act to authorize the commissioners of the Wisconsin Railroad Farm Mortgage Land Company to close up the business of said corporation.
Page 124 - State, and an abstract of the receipts and disbursements of the several funds for the fiscal year ending with the 15th day of November, 1861.
Page 18 - Statutes, the entire income is placed at the disposal of the Board of Regents of Normal Schools, by transfer to the Treasurer of said Board, and the detailed record of its ^expenditures is kept separate and distinct from the accounts of the state. The receipts and disbursements, during the...
Page 181 - Showing the relative value of real and personal property, as assessed by the State Board of Assessment for the year 188,3. "C." Showing the valuation of taxable property of the several counties of the State as determined by the State Board of Assessment for the year 1882, and the apportionment of the State tax and special charges for said year.
Page 30 - ... tax payers will be best subserved; that it is contrary to good public policy to levy a tax to lie idle in the vaults of the State Treasury. It would seem advisable that chapter 195, laws of 1883, be repealed. APPORTIONMENT OF TAXES. The Secretary of State is required by section 1070, of the Revised Statutes, to certify to the county clerk of each county, on or before the second Monday of October in each year, the amount of State Tax and Special Charges apportioned to and levied upon his county....

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