An historical account of the monumental bust of William Shakspeare, in the chancel of the church, at Stratford-upon-Avon

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author, 1827 - Stratford-upon-Avon (England) - 28 pages
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Page 28 - Witty above her sexe, but that's not all, Wise to Salvation was good Mistress Hall, Something of Shakespere was in that, but this Wholy of him with whom she's now in blisse. Then, passenger, ha'st ne're a teare, To weepe with her that wept with all? That wept, yet set herselfe to chere Them up with comforts cordiall. Her Love shall live, her mercy spread, When thou hast ne're a teare to shed.
Page 16 - Olympvs habet. Stay, passenger, why goest thov by so fast ? Read, if thov canst, whom enviovs Death hath plast Within this monvment : SHAKSPEARE : with whome Qvick Natvre dide ; whose name doth deck yť tombe Far more than cost ; sieth all yt he hath writt Leaves living art bvt page to serve his witt. Obiit Ano. Doi. 1616. ^Etatis 53. Die. 23. Ap.
Page 11 - Shakespeare, at length thy pious fellows give The world thy works ; thy works, by which outlive Thy tomb thy name must : when that stone is rent, And time dissolves thy Stratford monument, Here we alive shall view thee still : this book, When brass and marble fade, shall make thee look Fresh to all ages...
Page 19 - ---worked so near the bard's time, and was so " conscious of the importance of his task, that this " must always be regarded as a pleasing and faithful, " if not a flattering resemblance, of the great poet.
Page 27 - Ileere lyeth interred the bodye of Anne, wife of Mr. William Shakespeare, who depted. this life the 6th day of August, 1623, being of the age of 67 yeares.
Page 9 - The eyes were of a light hazel, and the hair and beard auburn. The dress consisted of a scarlet doublet, over which was a loose black gown without sleeves. The lower part of the cushion before him was of a crimson colour, and the upper part green, with gilt tassels.
Page 13 - Stratford church, and were afterwards engraved for Mr. Ireland's River Avon. While occupied on these drawings, he greatly reprehended the folly of having coloured the face and dress of the bust of Shakspeare ; which was intended to beautify it, whereas it would have been much more preferable to have left the stone of its proper colour. — Mr. Ireland also made application in order to be permitted to take a plaster cast from the bust ; which request had been granted, on a previous occasion, to Mr....
Page 6 - On each side of the eastern window is a niche, boldly finished in the Florid style of pointed architecture. In the south wall, near the altar, are three similar niches, conjoined, in which were placed the concessus, or seats, for the priests officiating at mass ; and immediately adjoining them is the piscina. These objects are all shewn in the Plate. On each side of the chancel is a range of stalls belonging to the ancient choir, remarkable for the grotesque carvings which ornament the lower part...
Page v - Contend, the leaders of a public cause ; Approach : behold this marble. Know ye not The features? Hath not oft his faithful tongue Told you the fashion of your own estate, The secrets of your bosom? Here then, round His monument with reverence while ye stand, Say to each other: —
Page 18 - The first remark that occurs on viewing this bust is, that it presents our bard in the act of composition, and in his gayest mood. The vis comica so brightens his countenance, that it is hardly a stretch of fancy, to suppose him in the actual creation of Falstaff himself. Very sure I am, that the figure must long have continued a source of infinite delight to those, who had enjoyed his convivial qualities. Among this circle, it is nearly certain the artist himself was to be reckoned. The performance...

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