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Focusing on the task at hand and prioritizing the ugly frog first.

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Nice book

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As a chronic procrastinator, this book was a much-needed kick in the butt. Besides the principles outlined to help people deal with their issues, there were small tidbits of psychology explaining the basic reasons why we procrastinate. Whether you are overwhelmed by the sheer size of a task or are simply uncomfortable with your skill level in dealing with certain tasks, there are solutions that not simply help you get those tasks done and off your plate but help you better manage your time.
One section that made me smile was on page 65: when the author wrote his three steps to mastery. Reading good books, listening to educational audios and attending seminars and conferences were all mentioned. I am proud to say I regularly do all three, and I am now attempting to overcome some of my shortcomings thanks to the insight of this book.
If you are a chronic procrastinator or simply seem to be lacking time, this book can help give you a much better perspective and sound principles to allow you to be productive and get some of your time back.

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A great book for any average person who needs to understand the art of time absolute MUST buy!

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