The Little Horn's Big Lie!: The Ten Most Dangerous Doctrines Preached in the Church Today

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Xlibris Corporation, Sep 30, 2010 - Religion - 174 pages
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Have you ever listened to a preacher bring a sermon on the pre-tribulation rapture? How wonderful it will be when we are all caught up with Jesus just before everything breaks loose here on earth? What about the one that is preached on how and why the Sabbath was changed to Sunday and give a list of reasons; none of them found in the Bible. Then there is tithing? They make sure to let us know we demonstrate our obedience through paying our tithing and giving back to God/Yahweh, and when we do not, we can be cursed or not be blessed as we should. We cannot forget the sermon on the Gifts of God/Yahweh that are no longer for the church. These and other doctrinal views are commonly preached in the main stream Christian Churches today. They are based off opinion of men and are often argued with verses from the Bible that have been taken out of context. It is interesting that the evangelical churches today claim to take and read the Bible literally. They claim every word to be the inerrant word of God/Yahweh. Many of them treat the Bible as God/Yahweh, yet there is not a verse that can be found that says the Sabbath was changed to a Sunday, that the Saints will be raptured before the tribulation, or the church is to pay tithing. Nowhere will you find the Holy Spirit only gives just some of the gifts on the list to believers today. You will not find a verse that specifically tells you once you are saved you are always saved. Instead, you will find volumes of verses that contradict each of these false doctrines being preached.So, what does that say about our contemporary church today, the one that claims to take each word, statement, or verse literally, the very ones preaching about false teachers, teaching themselves, false doctrine?

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Great Book! If you want to study scripture as it relates to the endtimes read this book!


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Lynda L. Durrett,I was born in Bishop California, now a long term resident of Kentucky. My life is wonderful! Yes there were challenges and adversity, but God has seen to it I never had to go it alone. Whether He was holding my hand or sending someone to hold my hand. My life belongs to Him!A wife, mother of five, grandmother of thirteen, and career woman, I have sought God to direct every area of my life. He has shown me what it is to be a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and a daughter. He has shown me how to be a friend and a coworker. It is though Him and Him alone that the possibilities I have experienced have taken shape for I know without Him there is nothing and I can do nothing.A few short years ago, I decided I wanted to get my Master's Degree in Theological Studies. It is not that I really cared about the degree, but I wanted to learn more of Him. How silly I was. Though the studies were fascinating, I only learned more about man and how easily persuaded we are as humans by the enemy. One class though, a class in "worship" is what steered the years to follow. I learned the importance of spending time with Him in this class. I learned to listen when He speaks. I learned His will for my life. I learned that through Him all things are possible.A few months back I was given a revelation of the truth and through prayerful guidance contacted my fellow brother in Christ after hearing his testimony to write this book with me. Realizing each of us have a responsibility to God as He has blessed us with salvation. Knowing we have each been commanded to preach the Gospel, this book seemed to me a small way I could begin to reconcile my responsibility to Him and to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Neither of us sophisticated theologians, just two people that have never met that love the Lord. I pray it is a blessing to you all!

Yisrael Avila,I was born in Alabama to a single mother of 16 years old, and raised in Arizona by my grandparents. Growing up in a broken home filled with unusual abuse, I was a broken child, concealing a great anger within myself. I left home shortly after the death of my grandfather, and set out on a painful journey of what I thought was self discovery. Through sex, drugs, rock and roll, and eventually prison, I found myself as low as I could go, with the only place to look, was up.While in a small 5x8 cell, I cried out to God, begging to know Him. I questioned Him, His works, and His will for me. I found myself curious as to why we called Him God. I even asked Him about that. Stuck in 23 hour lock down and only allowed one hour each day out of my cell, I took advantage of that precious time. One day I went down the stairs to get a book. I found an old beat up book with a brown cover with strange letters (which I would later discover were Hebrew). Turning the cover I discovered it was dedicated to Almighty Yahweh, and His Loving Son Yahshua, I new at that very moment, my life had changed forever.It was there that I began to truly study the word, and it was there that I suffered an incredible thirst that Yahweh abundantly quenched. While in prison I was given the opportunity to obtain amazing literature on all things biblical and historical that related to scripture. I was even able to study Hebrew, and see a copy of an original manuscripts with the name of God etched into it from ages past. I would like to tell you this brings us to where I am now. It is not my shame nor my testimony that this is the case. The fact is once I was released from prison, I discovered I was not much different than I was before, except a little less angry and more willing to change.If not for my wonderful wife, loving son, and my new born daughter at that time, I would not have been able to see Yahweh through anyone else's eyes but my own, which were clouded. Slowly but surely Yahweh, who once used a battery of punishment to halfway mold me, was now using love to finish the job. Love like this was relatively new to me, it was a force I had not the tools to deal with. I recognized His love incomprehensible love shining through my family. My heart was forever changed. The pain was healed from my childhood and the anger melted away.Eventually I rededicated my life to Him. It was on my 30th birthday that he called me to His service. He had given me a message to bring, that awakened me. This message led me to meet others who had received it as well from all walks of life. As a result the opportunity for this book developed. Like Lynda Durrett, who I came to know while professing truth to as many as I could, it was clear she was sent on the same mission, we knew that time was of the essence, and that many needed to be reached and taught the Truth of the Word of Yahweh!

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