Adventures of Susan Hopley [by C. Crowe].

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Page 185 - age, perhaps, thirty, and his tastes very much in accordance with his wife's, to whom he also seemed passionately attached. But it was impossible to be long in his company without perceiving that he had one foible; and that was a too sensitive pride, and an
Page 193 - furiously for Susan, who suspecting nothing of what was going on, had returned to the kitchen after showing in Mr. Green. " Susan \" she exclaimed, bursting into tears, "this man accuses me of having kept back some of his goods, and insists on having me searched." " Lord, Sir \" cried Susan, almost as much shocked as Alicia,
Page 115 - so, tired as he was, when he had taken enough of his uninviting repast to appease the most urgent calls of his appetite, he went to the door to get a breath of fresh air;
Page 48 - mind was too much absorbed to observe the neglected caution. The pannel being raised, a ladder appeared, by which the descent was to be made; but being almost perpendicular, it was necessary to turn round and go down backwards. Rodolphe did so, cautiously and softly, for he would have been glad that his victim were asleep—step by step he
Page 76 - and quite satisfied that the Grimauds, the only persons who were in the secret of his having visited Nantes, would never betray him. It had been his original plan, the murder once committed, to remount his horse and return with all speed to Le Mans; but
Page 47 - not saying why he had returned, nor alluding to Julie; but giving her his last farewell, and bidding her not curse him. Then he arose, made a strong effort to call up the man within him, and cast off the softness that the thought of his mother had gathered round his heart— walked firmly to a drawer where knives were kept,
Page 45 - The streets were nearly deserted by the time he turned into that narrow one wherein his mother dwelt. One or two persons, apparently hastening to their nightly rest, crossed him as he passed down. Softly, softly, he inserted the key and
Page 52 - further away, and squeezed herself closer and closer to the cold damp wall, her living, creeping flesh scarce less damp and cold than it. From this horrid trance she was, at length, aroused, by the lifting of the trap door a second time, and seeing Rodolphe slowly descending the ladder with the razor between his teeth. That he came to murder her
Page 76 - emergency; and then, without disclosing the truth to the Grimauds, or bearing about himself any signs of guilt, instead of returning to The Poisson Rouge to fetch his horse, the doing which he feared might make it more
Page 191 - She then selected what she chose, he measured and cut off the quantities required, and carried away the remainder. About an hour had elapsed, and she was sitting in her parlour inspecting her purchases, which were spread out on the table, when there came a loud ringing at the bell, and presently Susan ushered in Mr. Green, who desired to see her immediately.

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