American Homoeopathist, Volumes 11-12

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Chatterton-Peck., 1885 - Homeopathy
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Page 246 - IT singeth low in every heart, We hear it each and all, — A song of those who answer not, However we may call. They throng the silence of the breast ; We see them as of yore, — The kind, the true, the brave, the sweet, Who walk with us no more.
Page 83 - O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called ; which some professing have erred concerning the faith.
Page 286 - Upon the walls of our most private apartments, where we think the eye of intrusion is altogether shut out, and our retirement can never be profaned, there exist the vestiges of all our acts, silhouettes of whatever we have done.
Page 96 - This may be done by adding to each glass of water half a teaspoonful of Horsford's Acid Phosphate. This will not only render the water of an acid reaction, but also render boiled water more agreeable to the taste. It may be sweetened if desired. The Acid Phosphate, taken as recommended, will also tend to invigorate the system and correct debility, thus giving increased power of resistance to disease. It is the acid of the system, a product of the gastric functions, and hence, will not create that...
Page 109 - I have found that man one mass of bruises from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, and I have seen him succumb in six days, and I attribute it to this treatment.
Page 69 - MEIGS. Infant Feeding and Milk Analysis. The Examination of Human and Cow's Milk, Cream, Condensed Milk, etc., and Directions as to the Diet of Young Infants. .50 MONEY.
Page 293 - And what may their names be ? Perhaps it is a secret ?' — ' I'll tell your honour,' in a low tone ; ' my twa simples are just laudamy and calamy !' — ' Simples with a vengeance !' replied Scott. ' But John, do you never happen to kill any of your patients ?' — ' Kill ? Ou ay, may be sae ! Whiles they die, and whiles no ; but it's the will o
Page 71 - Otherwise the system will perish of exhaustion, just as a fire dies out when its fuel is consumed. Beef tea contains nothing which can form grape sugar, and in fact is a pleasant stimulating beverage or food adjunct; but without food value practically. (For what food value it has is so infinitesimal that it is not worth counting). But when it has added to it a food such as your lactated food it has a distinct measurable food value. Consequently such food should be given with beef tea, and the compound...
Page 293 - The latter gentleman, being luckily found at home, soon made his appearance — a grave, sagacious-looking personage, attired in black, with a shovel hat, in whom, to his utter astonishment, Sir Walter recognized a- Scotch blacksmith, who had formerly practised, with tolerable success, as a veterinary operator in the neighbourhood of Ashestiel. ' How, in all the world !' exclaimed he, 'can it be possible that this is John Lundie?
Page 181 - An act to incorporate medical societies for the purpose of regulating the practice of physic and surgery in this state...

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