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I am a Texas escapee of the Bible Belt. To me, this book was a breath of fresh air - full of love, and a return to the basic tenets of Christ, stripped of the pharisaical trappings of conservative fundamentalism. I read this as a follow-up to his excellent "A New Kind of Christian" which delves into the more philosophical aspects of postmodernism in the church. For many years I had balked at becoming a Christian because of the judgmentalism that seemed to accompany it. MacLaren argues for a Christianity of inclusiveness instead of exclusiveness, arguing that other religions are all valid "placeholders for God," and should therefore be approached with gentleness and lovingkindness, the way Christ would have it. Although a bit more simplistic than "A New Kind of Christian" I adored this book - it's fresh, winsome, thought-provoking, gentle, humorous, and full of the beauty of Christ. It also came at a time when I was sick to death of the Bush,Jr. regime - and it reminded me of the beauty in my faith rather than the division. Well-written, literate, and probably a little over the heads of people used to reading the usual Christian pablum. 

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