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Great book! Amazing story that makes you want to keep reading over and over.

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I lOve this book down to every page. This is the second time I have read it and I fall in love every time I read it

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At first I was not sure about this book. I thought it was just another story about how someone survived the holocaust. But it wasn't, it went into so much detail and description. It is also at a good reading level.

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If I Should Die Before I Wake: Han Nolen; 295 pages. This is a story worthy of classtime. The protagonist hates Jews; she is a neo-nazi, and hangs tight with a bunch of skinhead biker types who like to generally be nasty and make a big protest about what a bunch of losers members of the Jewish faith are. Then she has a little motorcycle accident, and ends up in a Jewish hospital. Ironically, she begins to have flashbacks in a coma, and takes on the identity of Shana, a Jewish girl her same age who is alive during the Holocaust. The story becomes confusing for some students as the story juxtaposes from current Hillary reality to Shana and WWII time, but the story is strong and powerful. Some racist language, but a great read and discussion vehicle. *****Five Stars 

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