Handbuch der Orientalistik: Der Nahe und der Mittlere Osten

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BRILL, Jan 1, 1991 - Architecture - 596 pages
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This volume traces the history of Zoroastrianism at times and places where its existence has previously been largely ignored, or treated only episodically. Literary, archaeological and numismatic evidence has been drawn on (some of it only recently brought to light), and local developments are distinguished. In Iran itself some 200 years of Macedonian rule had little effect on the national religion. To the east, Zoroastrianism survived in the Greco-Bactrian kingdoms and under Mauryan suzereinty, where it came into contact with Buddhism. In Eastern Mediterranean lands it was maintained by Iranian expatriates well down into Roman imperial times. They adopted Greek for their written tongue, and Zoroastrian doctrines thus became known in the Greco-Roman world. Study is made accordingly of Zoroastrian contributions to Hellenistic thought, and to Judaism, Christianity and Mithraism; and an excursus provides a thorough reassessment of the Zoroastrian pseudepigrapha.

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_____ This is third of a 3 volume set __ A HISTORY OF ZOROASTRIANISM___ ..... It covers the THIRD period of the existence of the religion 330 BCE to 440CE. and is repeatably found searching ISBN: 9004092714....-----....... The reader must expect great inferences because the extant written Zoroastrian texts are from 800CE and beyond. The reviewer would remark that Christian history for the 200 years surrounding the Council of Nicea in 325CE is no less difficult than the period of this volume. .._________.. The reader will have to look elsewhere for the still more recent times --- as in the valuable religion-centered book ++THE DAWN and TWILIGHT of ZOROASTRIANISM++ - by R.C.Zaehner in 1961 -Lib Congress 61-8353. ....______... ++STRANGE BIRDS FROM ZOROASTERs NEST++ by Laina Farhat-Holzman ISBN:1586840312 is a charming alternate. _______..._______ The searcher for the Boyce - 2nd volume ++A HISTORY OF ZOROASTRIANISM: UNDER THE ACHAEMENIANS ++ can be found using ISBN:9789004065062___ .... ++ m++. 


Under Alexander and the Successors
a background sketch
a general survey
Media Atropatene Greater Media
Lydia with Caria
with Galatia Cappadocia and Pontus Cilicia
religion and thought in GrecoRoman times
pseudepigrapha of the GrecoRoman world
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