Modern Meteorology: An Outline of the Growth and Present Condition of Some of Its Phases

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W. Scott, Limited, 1893 - Meteorology - 460 pages
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Page 66 - This can be done by a double measuring of the difference in the height of the mercury in the two tubes...
Page 296 - Above this altitude, therefore, there is no barometric minimum at the equator, but a maximum, arising from the gradual nearer approach of the maxima on each side towards the equator as the altitude increases. " There is, then, at the earth's surface, an area of low pressure around each pole, with its minimum at the pole...
Page 251 - ... studies. Von Bezold thinks that on the ocean also the temperature gradients are lessened or reversed, even at the time of greatest inward radiation, on account of the rapid evaporation in addition to the mobility of the water ; and he finds in this the cause of the permanent Atlantic cyclone in summer. Where the addition of heat takes place too rapidly, and the gradient exceeds the theoretical value, then the condition of unstable equilibrium ensues for a short time ; such being the condition...
Page 150 - Wild has had constiucted, and has used quite successfully, a self-iegistering combination -neighing apparatus (shown in Fig. 51), which not only measures the rainfall and evaporation, but also gives the direct weight of snowfall On the left is seen the registering apparatus, which it is not necessary to describe further than to say that B is a metal vessel open at the top, and by means of the connecting tube A is attached at G to the right arm of the balance, and is countei poised by the weights...
Page 286 - ... toward the right in the northern hemisphere and toward the left in the southern, because of the Coriolis effect.
Page vi - WALDO, Ph.D. 1898. 8vo. 488 pp. and 112 illustrations. The object of this book is to bring the reader into closer contact with the work which has been, and is actually engaging the attention of working meteorologists, rather than to present finished results.
Page 379 - If the general motions of the atmosphere have a controlling influence upon the...
Page 380 - ... initial •cyclonic action, the velocity and direction of the progressive motion of a cyclone depends, to some extent at least, upon the distribution of this vapor in the region in which the cyclone exists, and the cyclone is likely to be drawn somewhat in the direction in which there is the most vapor. For this reason it is, perhaps, that the chain of lakes between Canada and the United States seems to be a great highway for cyclones.
Page iii - MODERN METEOROLOGY. AN ACCOUNT OF THE GROWTH AND PRESENT CONDITION OF SOME BRANCHES OF METEOROLOGICAL SCIENCE. By FRANK WALDO, Ph.D., Member of the German and Austrian Meteorological Societies, etc.; late Junior Professor, Signal Service, USA With 112 Illustrations. "The present volume is the best on the subject for general use that we have seen.
Page 265 - Condensation takes place more rapidly when a beam of cool moist air enters a large mass of warm air, than when a beam of warm moist air is blown into a mass of cool air.

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