A Tour Through Sweden, Swedish-Lapland, Finland and Denmark: In a Series of Letters, Illustrated with Engravings

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R. Christopher, 1789 - Denmark - 158 pages
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Page 24 - Casting a dimm religious light. There let the pealing Organ blow, To the full voic'd Quire below, In Service high, and Anthems cleer, As may with sweetness, through mine ear, Dissolve me into extasies, And bring all Heav'n before mine eyes.
Page 80 - Their rein-deer form their riches. These, their tents, Their robes, their beds, and all their homely wealth Supply, their wholesome fare, and cheerful cups Obsequious at their call, the docile tribe Yield to the sled their necks, and whirl them swift O'er hill and dale, heap'd into one expanse Of marbled snow, as far as eye can sweep, With a blue crust of ice unbounded glaz'd.
Page 81 - Even in the depth of polar night, they find A wondrous day; enough to light the chase, Or guide their daring steps to Finland fairs.
Page 92 - Extreme cold has diminished the stature and congealed the faculties of the Laplanders ; and the arctic tribes, alone among the sons of men, are ignorant of war, and unconscious of human blood...
Page 90 - ... fometimes made of a hollow piece of timber like a fmall boat, the Lapland women when they travel, tie with the child in it, to their back. The child is not covered with bed clothes, but with a foft and fine mofs, over which they lay the tender (kin of a young Rein-deer. When they rock the child they faflen the cradle with a rope to the top of the Hut, and tolling it from one fide to the other, lull the child afleep. This Lapland family invited us to their...
Page 62 - Where the sun's genial beams swell the bud on the tree, And Enna chaunts forth her wild warblings with glee. The rein-deer xmharness'd in freedom shall play, And safely o'er Odon's steep precipice stray ; The wolf to the forest's recesses shall fly, And howl to the moon as she glides thro
Page 117 - from the nature of its inhabitants, I should rather *' have avoided, and begin with some degree of " keenness to devour these insects, first nipping off
Page 91 - ... to appear in its firft rudiments. Sometimes coarfe cloth makes a part of the covering of their tents. In fome places, we were told, that their houfes were built upon the trunks of trees...
Page 91 - Huts are formed of pieces of timber or rafters joined together and covered with turf or the branches or bark of pine trees, fo that architeclure here-may be fdid to appear in its firft rudiments.

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