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My 8 year old daughter and I have read the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder and watched all the seasons of the famous tv show starring Melissa Gilbert, but it only left my daughter with many questions about Laura's "real" life. Having read the books, she knew a fair amount of the things shown on the tv show were not true at all, and she wanted to know exactly how much of it was true. I was not able to answer these questions enough to satisfy her, so I began to look for a biography that was factual, yet easy for an 8 yr. old girl to understand. I looked at many that seemed very cold, not at all like an enjoyable read, until I came across this book. We both love the warmth the author has. We can feel the great affection he had for Laura, and we appreciate the time he took to do his research. The forward is heartwarming and many parts of the book are touching. My daughter and I were suprised and delighted over and over while reading Laura's true life story. I agree with the review on the back cover, in that I especially like the parts that fill in the cracks of the Little House books. I also appreciated reading the historical background of the different times and locations in Laura's life. It really helped us to put in perspective the time period in which she lived, one of the most urgent questions my daughter had. I would recommend this story to everyone, young and old. 

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