Het Nederlandsche faillitenregt

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Van der Post, 1878 - 624 pages
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Page 267 - ... any person known or suspected to have in his possession any of the estate or effects belonging to the debtor, or supposed to be indebted to the debtor, or any person whom the court may deem capable of giving information respecting the debtor, his dealings or property...
Page 160 - Any settlement of property, not being a settlement made before and in consideration of marriage, or made in favour of a purchaser or incumbrancer in good faith and for valuable consideration, or a settlement made on or for the wife or children of the settlor of property which has accrued to the settlor after marriage in right of his wife, shall, if the settlor becomes bankrupt within two years after the date of the settlement, be void against the trustee in the bankruptcy...
Page 141 - The capacity to exercise and to take proceedings for exercising all such powers in or over or in respect of property as might have been exercised by the bankrupt for his own benefit at the commencement of his bankruptcy or before his discharge, except the right of nomination to a vacant ecclesiastical benefice...
Page liv - Indien niettemin de rechtsgedingen blootelijk betreffen de vordering van betaling eener schuld, door den schuldenaar erkend, en de aanlegger geen belang heeft om vonnis te verkrijgen, teneinde rechten tegen derden te doen gelden, kan de rechter, na van de erkenning der schuld akte te hebben verleend, het uitspreken van het vonnis opschorten tot na het einde der sursťance. - 3. De schuldenaar kan, voor zooveel betreft rechtsvorderingen...
Page 145 - Act referred to as the property of the bankrupt, shall not comprise the following particulars : (1.) Property held by the bankrupt on trust for any other person : (2.) The tools (if any) of his trade and the necessary wearing apparel and bedding of himself, his wife and children, to a value, inclusive of tools and apparel and bedding, not exceeding twenty pounds in the whole...
Page xvi - ... 780. Het belang der schuldeischers zal door deskundigen worden begroot, en, des noods, door de regtbank bepaald , naarmate van het hoofdbedrag der schuld, en in verhouding tot het nadeel, hetwelk de boedel des gefailleerden kan lijden , door de niet vervulling der voorwaarden , en tot het voordeel hetwelk de schuldeischer kan genieten door de ontheffing van de vervulling derzelve.
Page 161 - ... settlement can prove that the settlor was at the time of making the settlement able to pay all his debts without the aid of the property comprised in the settlement, and that the interest of the settlor in such property had passed to the trustee of such settlement on the execution thereof.
Page 259 - The trustee shall, as soon as may be, take possession of the deeds, books, and documents of the bankrupt, and all other parts of his property capable of manual delivery.
Page xxxvii - De hypothekaire schuldeischer of pandhouder, die van zijne rechten gebruik heeft gemaakt, is verplicht de opbrengst van het verbonden goed aan den curator te verantwoorden, met uitkeering van hetgeen die opbrengst het verschuldigde met de interesten en kosten te boven gaat.
Page 456 - ... be realised without needlessly protracting the trusteeship, and distributed a final dividend, if any, or has ceased to act by reason of a composition having been approved, or has resigned, or has been removed from his office, the Board of Trade shall, on his application, cause a report...

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