Nursing Theorists and Their Work

Front Cover
Ann Marriner-Tomey, Martha Raile Alligood
Mosby/Elsevier, 2006 - Medical - 828 pages
A classic in the field of nursing theory! This renowned textbook guides the reader through in-depth descriptions and analyses of 31 specific nursing theories - many reviewed and validated by the theorists themselves - in a logical, consistent chapter organization that makes information easy to follow. Its comprehensive and thorough approach, objective critiques, and clear writing style make it ideal for the study of theory at all levels of nursing. Twelve new chapters and updated material throughout this edition provide a wealth of information on the most current and cutting-edge ideas in nursing theory today.
  • Each theorist chapter presents that individual's work in a logical, consistent framework, making the information easy to follow.
  • A Major Concepts & Definitions box in each theorist chapter outlines and summarizes the theory's most significant ideas, while also clarifying content-specific vocabulary.
  • Each theorist chapter is written by one or more scholars specializing in that particular theorist's work, often individuals who have worked closely with the theorist.
  • Whenever possible, chapters have been reviewed and edited by the theorists themselves for currency and accuracy.
  • An extensive bibliography at the end of each theorist chapter outlines numerous primary and secondary sources of information for further research.
  • Critical Thinking Activities at the end of each theorist chapter challenge students to apply the theory to personal and hypothetical practice situations.
  • Beginning chapters on the history and philosophy of science, logical reasoning, and theory development process present a strong foundation for the study of nursing theory.
  • A new Nursing Model chapter has been added on Anne Boykin and Savina O. Schoenhofer: Nursing as Caring: A Model for Transforming Practice.
  • A new Nursing Theory chapter covers Gladys L. Husted and James H. Husted: Symphonological Bioethical Theory.
  • Three new Nursing Philosophies are included: Katie Eriksson: Theory of Caritative Caring; Kari Martinsen: Philosophy of Caring; and Marilyn Anne Ray: Theory of Bureaucratic Caring.
  • Seven new chapters on Middle Range Nursing Theories cover: Phil Barker: The Tidal Model of Mental Health Recovery; Cheryl Tatano Beck: Postpartum Depression Theory; Georgene Gaskill Eakes, Mary Lermann Burke, and Margaret A. Hainsworth: Theory of Chronic Sorrow; Pamela G. Reed: Self-Transcendence Theory; Cornelia M. Ruland and Shirley M. Moore: Peaceful End of Life Theory; Kristen M. Swanson: Theory of Caring; and Carolyn L. Wiener and Marylin J. Dodd: Theory of Illness Trajectory.
  • Each theorist chapter contains a brief summary that condenses the comprehensive discussion of the theorist's work.
  • A case study at the end of each theorist chapter puts the theory into a larger perspective, demonstrating a way in which the information can be applied to practice.
  • Eleven theorists have been combined into a single new chapter - Nursing Theorists of Historical Significance - that better reflects the ways in which the individuals' ideas are used today.
  • A number of chapters, including several of the new chapters, feature international theorists and/or international chapter authors to provide a more diverse, global perspective of nursing.
  • Dates of the theorists' birth (and death, if applicable) have been added to the chapter openers to provide a historical context for their work.

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