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Awesome Publication. I am very thankful that I found some meaningful information in which this magazine reflects upon Afro American History and at a significant time period in the United States displaying the Struggle and the accomplishments we have endured as a people. JB from California. I give it a 5 Star Rating!!! 

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I was looking through some of my archives the other day and came across the brochure for our continuing daytime drama, BETWEEN HORIZONS, and began to reminisce.
I suddenly thought to check online
to see if anything was written about it. Sure enough, I came across this reproduction of the Theater issue of Black World which I wrote the article for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area. As one of the creator/writer/producers of the first Black Continuing Daytime Drama, "Between Horizon" I presented a summary of the first African-American "Soap" (Pilot) and interviewed others active in Bay Area Community Theater.
Looking over the other articles in this theater issue that canvassed the country, I found it a refresher course, of sorts, in the life and times of our people and our continuing struggle, made possible through the miracle and magic of the digital age. This issue is a treasure for researchers and those interested in cultural history from an African-American perspective....which is thus an African-American world view.
It was good to see the reviews above....Thank you.
Gloria Jean Sewell-Murphy

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fantastic information. I would definitely give it five stars.

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I was eating my fried chicken and looking on amazon for crack and I saw this but anyway back to the review this piece of paper is fly, it opens a new scizzle on the newzizles of the negro life, from cotton to kool aid this thing is as good as crack and not supporting my children. Good read.
-Tyrone Biggums Mcbeathiswife

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