The Dutch Republic and the American Revolution

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1911 - Great Britain - 244 pages

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Page xiii - BUTLER. 25 cents. VIII. Notes on the Literature of Charities. By HERBERT B. ADAMS. 25 cents. IX. Predictions of Hamilton and De Tocqueville. By JAMES BRYCE. 25 cents. X. The Study of History in England and Scotland, By P.
Page xiii - JOHNSON. XII, Land Laws of Mining Districts. By CH SHINN. 50 cents. THIRD SERIES — 1885 — $4.00.
Page xiv - P. THOMAS. 25 cents. III. Colonial Origins of New England Senates. By FL RILEY. 50 cents. IV-V. Servitude in the Colony of North Carolina.
Page xiii - HOSMER. 35 cents. V-VI. Taxation in the United States. By HENRY CARTER ADAMS. 50 cents. VII.
Page 88 - ... proposing to procure great sums, if he might be employed for that purpose, and the business taken away from the house that had commenced it. His terms at first were very extravagant, such as that all the estates real and personal in the Thirteen Provinces should be mortgaged to him; that a fifth part of the capital sum borrowed should every year, for five years, be laid out in commodities, and sent to Holland, consigned to him, to remain in his hands till the term (ten years) stipulated for final...
Page 52 - VIII, 576). Still, in a letter dated October 27, 1776, and sent from the Danish island of St. Croix to Vice-Admiral Young, it is said of an American schooner, which had departed two days before with a small cargo of powder: " But my astonishment was great to find such a Commerce countenanced by the Government here. The vessel went out under American Colours, saluted the Fort and had the compliment returned the same as if she had been an English or Danish ship " (Letter of October 27, 1776, in Bancroft...
Page xv - SCHMECKEDIER. 75 cents. VI. The Labadist Colony in Maryland. By BB JAMES. 50 cents. VII-VIII. History of Slavery in North Carolina. By JS BASSETT. 75 cents.
Page xiii - Tithingmen in America. By HB ADAMS. 50 cents. V. Local Government in Michigan and the Northwest. By EW BEMIS.
Page 73 - I told him that my French commission not having been found among my papers since the loss of the Bon Homme Richard, I feared it had gone to the bottom in that ship ; but that, if it was really lost, it would be an easy matter to procure a duplicate of it from France. The commandant appeared to be very uneasy and anxious for my departure. I have told him, that as there are eight of the enemy's ships laying wait for me at the south entrance, and four more at the north entrance of the port, I was unable...
Page xii - Studies will not necessitate subscriptions to the Extra Volumes, although they will be offered to regular subscribers at reduced rates. EXTRA VOLUME I.— The Republic of New Haven : A History of Municipal Evolution. By CHARLES H.

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