Animal Magnetism: Its History to the Present Time ; with a Brief Account of the Life of Mesmer

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G.B. Dyer, 1841 - 208 pages
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Page vi - Tis still a watch-word to the earth : When man would do a deed of worth He points to Greece, and turns to tread, So sanction'd, on the tyrant's head : He looks to her, and rushes on Where life is lost, or freedom won.
Page 72 - Finally, the proces-verbal of this sitting was presented to him, and he read very distinctly the date and some words which were more legibly written than the others. In all these experiments the fingers were applied to the whole of the commissure of both eyes, by pressing down the upper upon the under eyelid, and we remarked that the ball of the eye was in a constant rotatory motion, and seemed directed towards the object presented to his vision.
Page 153 - ... affectionate sister, who never left her side. In the evening, the young lady joined her family, perfectly restored to her wonted cheerfulness. She expressed no complaint whatever. She stated that the feelings that first came over her were those of extreme quiet and repose, — a species of ecstasy, — a gradual languor seemed to steal over her ; that she heard something passing around her ; felt an inclination, but an utter impossibility, to reply. The first waking up she, however, described...
Page 16 - ... that man can act upon man, at all times and almost at will, by striking his imagination ; — that signs and gestures the most simple may produce the most powerful effects ; that the action of * Expose des Experiences qui ont ete faites pour 1'Examen du Magnetisme Aiiimale.
Page 149 - ... caution, has occurred to me within the last two days. I was enjoying the hospitality of a most amiable family in Fitzroysquare, when animal magnetism became the topic of conversation, and I related the trials I had already made. One of the young ladies proposed to become the subject of experiments, to which I very willingly assented; for, having on former occasions attended her during momentary sickness, I was fully aware of the natural strength of her constitution, and the absence of that nervous...
Page 137 - Elliotson state that such extraordinary symptoms could be produced by no other magnetised metal, whereas he had not used nickel on that occasion ; he had not even approached her with it ; but that on the instant that it was handed to him by Dr. Elliotson he had put it aside, unobserved, and had merely rubbed upon the skin of the girl a piece of lead and a farthing, which he had respectively held in either hand, but that the metals were so held that he was certain that no person could discover what...
Page 42 - ... of imagination, and not animal magnetism, had produced these effects. Sensible of the superior influence, which the imagination can exert on the human body, when it is effectually wrought upon, they perceived, after a number of experiments and facts frequently repeated, that contact, or touch, imagination, imitation, and excited sensibility, were the real and sole causes of these phenomena, which had so much confounded the illiterate, the credulous, and the enthusiastic; that this boasted magnetic...
Page 71 - ... read the title of a work, and even some words or lines pointed out at random in the body of the work. At the end of two minutes of magnetic manipulations, Paul fell asleep. The eyelids being kept closed, constantly and alternately by MM. Fouquier, Itard, Marc, and the Reporter, there was presented to him a pack of new cards, from which the paper covering bearing the government stamp was torn off. The cards were shuffled, and Paul easily and successively...
Page i - And they believe him !— oh ! the lover may Distrust that look which steals his soul away ; — The babe may cease to think that it can play With heaven's rainbow ;— alchymists may doubt The shining gold their crucible gives out ; — But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last.
Page 98 - We can not only act upon the magnetized person, but even place him in a complete state of somnambulism, and bring him out of it without his knowledge, out of his sight, at a certain distance, and with doors intervening.f 16.

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