A Journey to the Source of the River Oxus: With an Essay on the Geography of the Valley of the Oxus

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Page 261 - ... at the rate of about two and a half miles an hour, but if the road be deep, it is no uncommon occurrence for the bullocks to sink under the exertion.
Page 3 - Version, AD 1611, with an EXPLANATORY and CRITICAL COMMENTARY, and a REVISION of the TRANSLATION. By BISHOPS and CLERGY of the ANGLICAN CHURCH. Edited by FC COOK, MA, Canon of Exeter, Preacher at Lincoln's Inn, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen.
Page 209 - Yak possesses a wonderful knowledge of what will bear his weight. If travellers are at fault, one of these animals is driven before them, and it is said that he avoids the hidden depths and chasms with admirable sagacity.
Page 18 - The Gallican Church, from the Concordat of Bologna, 1516, to the Revolution. With an Introduction, Portraits. 2 Vols. Svo.
Page 241 - The grass of Pamir, they tell you, is so rich that a sorry horse is here brought into good condition in less than twenty days ; and its nourishing qualities are evidenced in the productiveness of their ewes, which almost invariably bring forth two lambs at a birth.
Page 218 - ... and I have no doubt the natives are right, for only a year ago the correspondent of the 'Daily News' found a fire-temple not wholly abandoned on the shores of the Caspian. Moreover, Wood mentions the reluctance with which a Badakhshi blows out a light. In like manner, he says, " A Wakhani considers it bad luck to blow out a light by the breath, and will rather wave his hand for several minutes under the flame of his pineslip than resort to the sure but to him disagreeable alternative
Page 236 - China ; while from the low hills on the northern side rises the Sirr, or river of Kokan, and from the snowy chain opposite both forks of the Oxus, as well as a branch of the river Kuner, are supplied.
Page 233 - Such, indeed, is its quality, that the leanest cattle turned upon it would become fat in the course of ten days. In this plain there are wild animals in great numbers, particularly sheep of a large size, having horns three, four, and even six, palms in length. Of these the shepherds form ladles and vessels for holding their victuals; and with the same materials they construct fences for enclosing their cattle and securing them against the wolves, with which they say the country is infested, and which...
Page 239 - Haifa dozen strokes with an ax brought the workman to the ground ; and though a few minutes' respite sufficed to restore the breath, anything like continued exertion was impossible. A run of fifty yards at full speed made the runner gasp for breath. Indeed, this exercise produced a pain in the lungs and a general prostration of strength which was not got rid of for many hours. Some of the party complained of dizziness and headaches; but except the effects above described, I neither felt myself, nor...

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