Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World, Volume 5

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Harper & Bros., 1899 - Australia - 409 pages

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Page 83 - Come, bright Improvement ! on the car of Time, And rule the spacious world from clime to clime." Very well, Bright Improvement has arrived, you see, with her civilization, and her Waterbury, and her umbrella, and her third-quality profanity, and her humanizing-not-destroying machinery, and her hundred-and-eighty-death-rate, and everything is going along just as handsome
Page 270 - And one man, in a like case, in New South Wales, did reason it out and arrive at a solution : " It is from the wrath of God, which is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men." That settles it. CHAPTER XXVIII. Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not
Page 69 - These latter pick up all the discarded days and add them to the world's stock again; and about as good as new, too ; for of course the salt water preserves themCHAPTERV. Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid.
Page 210 - and the white man's whisky. The savage's gentle friend, the savage's noble friend, the only magnanimous and unselfish friend the savage has ever had, was not there with the merciful swift release of his poisoned pudding. There are many humorous things in the world; among them the white man's notion that he is less savage than the other savages.* * See Chapter on Tasmania,
Page 15 - New Calendar. THE starting point of this lecturing-trip around the world was Paris, where we had been living a year or two. We sailed for America, and there made certain preparations. This took but little time. Two members of my family elected to go with me. Also a carbuncle. The dictionary says a carbuncle
Page 276 - tell you when to go." In those days the Commodore was making some of those vast combinations of his — consolidations of warring odds and ends of railroads into harmonious systems, and concentrations of floating and rudderless commerce in effective centers — and among other things his far-seeing eye had detected the convergence of that huge
Page 304 - Is your friend in the ministry ? ' ' " No —studying for it." CHAPTER XXXII. The man with a new idea is a Crank until the idea succeeds.
Page 36 - " Yes, I said it. And then we went to Mr. Moseley's, two miles, and all of them were gone to the camp-meeting over on Stony Fork; and then we came all the way back, two miles, and then here, another mile — and Providence
Page 34 - little and defeated him. And so this went on, the naked man perishing with anxiety, and expecting every moment to see people come in sight. He tagged on and on, imploring the horse, beseeching the horse, till he had left a mile behind him, and was
Page 67 - We shall always be saying to the other angels, "Fine day to-day," and they will be always retorting, " But it isn't to-day, it's to-morrow." We shall be in a state of confusion all the time and shall never know what true happiness is.

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