Did Calvin Murder Servetus?

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Infinity, Dec 21, 2008 - Religion - 608 pages
"The purpose of this book is to examine the legality of the trial of a Spanish physician Michael Servetus. Servetus was burned at the stake in the protestant city of Geneva for the crime of heresy. His trial was organized and manipulated by the protestant theologian John Calvin, the father of reformed theology. Proponents of Calvinist theology have long maintained the innocence of Calvin in claiming that he had acted well within the bounds of Geneva's legal jurisdiction. It is also proposed that John Calvin's motives in seeking the death of the Spaniard were the benevolent and pious desire to defend the true faith against the errors of heresy. Almost 500 years after the martyrdom of Michael Servetus the facts have been obscured by well-meaning apologetics. Standford Rives takes on the monumental task of uncovering the historical truth underneath the centuries of misrepresentation and tailored research."--Amazon.com.

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I have a legal background of more than 25 years - and I am inclined to DEFEND people, not prosecute them. Thus, as I read this, I gave Calvin every break a reader could give him. I read this book (it took me over 24 solid hours of reading and re-reading - and I am a super fast reader). I read it very carefully because I was a Mormon for 45 years, and I was seeking Jesus Christ and his true Gospel, which is found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (you can also see it in Galatians 1:1-4 and 2 Corinthians 5:17-21). As a young Christian, I heard James R. White (Calvinist) and John Macarthur (Calvinist) talk about TULIP and defend John Calvin. I was skeptical because I was raised on two other people who RULED OVER CITIES: Joseph Smith (Nauvoo, Illinois) and Brigham Young (Salt Lake City and Utah generally). I refused to be duped again - and I made a vow that I would never again support anybody just because they were on "my team." Again, I also have a legal background, and I give this book TWO THUMBS UP. I would hate the book if I were an intransigent Calvinist because it is so devastating, and so well documented. IMO, Calvin killed Servetus and the proof given in this book is just simply overwhelming. Let me just give you ONE FACT, which I was unaware of until I read this book: the Geneva Senate Decree (November 9, 1552) that placed Calvin's Institutes on par with the Bible (it is a HUGE SIN TO ADD TO the Bible), and made it a crime to disagree with what Calvin had written. Folks, that's not what a man of God would accept. Truth invites dialogue. Lies shut dialogue down. Standford Rives is a hero in my book. He's told the truth.  

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Rives book here has been grossly attacked by the two earlier bias reviews for exposing a great cover up of the treasonous act to God using His sovereignty and grace to promote a post Catholic group called the reformation movement. Luther was supposed to be a big hero, yet kept many Catholic traditions such as infant baptism, etc... and later wrote and spoke openly of terrorizing and even murdering (as Luther called the "snake Jews", Luther is well known for being one of Hitlers heroes!
This book is historically well documented, and the fruits of John Calvin and his self proclaimed thugs of "Grace" are proven to have gone directly against the teachings of the Biblical and Spirit of God spoken through Jesus Christ. To read those who refute history in the pro reformation one would have to wonder if there was any truth in the world until John Calvin plagiarized many of the writings of the Gnostic influenced Catholic leader Augustine. For Calvin to threaten to murder others (as the Catholic Church did) for the gospel of God in the spirit of love and grace is certainly not of God. Research on the taboo subject of the reality of the roots of Calvinism is not one that those who have been indoctrinated want to admit, yet is a true and factual story that must be told. Just a simple unbiased study of the attack on the anti-Baptists show the rotten fruit. Jesus Christ was and is the ONLY great reformer, not any man be it a reformed or none reformed person.


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Standford Rives has been a Christian since age 15, and was a member of a Calvinist church for over 10 years. As an attorney, Rives examines the trial of Servetus initiated by Calvin and prosecuted by Calvin to determine whether Calvin was responsible for wrongfully killing Servetus as a heretic.

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