E=MC2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation

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A readable history and explanation of the only physics equation that has taken on a life of its own in popular culture."Everyone knows that E=mc2 is really important, but they usually don't know what it means, and that's frustrating, because the equation is so short that you'd think it would be understandable," Oxford science lecturer Bodanis (The Secret Family, 1997) confides in the preface. This ... Read full review

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A horribly dry written book with no actual plot and gives information in a horrible way. If you are a teacher, i reccomend you not assign a three page paper on this horrible collection of unrelated and boring words. Knowledge should not be put into such a horrible container, it deserves better than that. Thanks! 

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An excellent way for those of us who are interested but are not physicists to understand the meaning of the science involved.

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В 1905 году, выведя свое знаменитое уравнение E=mc2, Альберт Эйнштейн подарил миру мощный источник энергии и открыл новые пути к познанию Вселенной. И теперь, более ста лет спустя
, блестящий популяризатор науки Дэвид Боданиc увлекательно и просто рассказывает об этом великом открытии. Герои его захватывающей, как детектив, книги - выдающиеся физики, среди которых Фарадей, Резерфорд, Ферми, Оппенгеймер, Гейзенберг и, конечно же, гениальный Эйнштейн.  

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