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Page 11 - ... shall be excused from payment of all membership fees. Section 5. Those who were honorary members, before the incorporation of this Society, shall continue to be considered honorary members, without further action of the Society.
Page 12 - Legislature so long as an appropriation is given by the State, and unless otherwise provided therein shall hold office for three years. In case the Legislature shall fail to grant an appropriation in any year, the trustees shall be elected for three years by the Society. ARTICLE V— OTHER MEETINGS Section 1. Other meetings may be held at such times and places as the Society by vote at a previous meeting may designate. Section 2. The president may call a special meeting at Portland by causing notice...
Page 10 - December, 1909; and on such other day and month of each succeeding year thereafter as may be designated in the by-laws of said society as the date of its annual meeting, said annual meetings to be held in the city of Portland, Oregon. 5. The location of said Society shall be in said city of Portland, in the county of Multnomah, and state of Oregon.
Page 10 - Meeting of the subscribers shall be held annually within the first three months of the year. 5. The management of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in a. Council consisting of nine members, viz.
Page 12 - It shall be the duty of the president to call a special meeting whenever requested in writing so to do by fifteen or more members. ARTICLE VI. PUBLICATIONS. Every member shall be entitled, without cost, to one copy of all official reports published by the society. ARTICLE VII. QUORUM. Nine members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a less number may meet, call to order, and adjourn from time to time. ARTICLE VIII. ORDER OF BUSINESS. The following order shall be observed...
Page 55 - WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1915. Meeting: called to order at 10 o'clock by President Washburn. Report of the Secretary-Treasurer was read by Mr. Minton. The motion was made by Mr. Bateham, and seconded, that a committee of three be appointed to confer with the secretary as to the size of the yearly report and to what extent it should be published. The president appointed CD Minton, AP Bateham and1 HB Miller. Prof. VR Gardner: "A Consideration of the Question of Bulk Pruning.
Page 43 - Sept. 15, 1913, making them 194 days old. They were from the first litter of a young Duroc sow. The sire was of the large type Poland China and both parents were of good breeding. Hogs of the second lot were very similar in every respect to those of the first. Although not large for their age they were thrifty and in good flesh when put on the pasture.
Page 36 - ... years was approximately the same, being 10.09, 9.97, and 10.01 boxes respectively. The check plat yielded .9 of a box per tree. In size of fruit there is not so close a relation between the nitrate plats. The largest apples were produced by the plat receiving the crystals, next in size by the plat having the nitrate solution applied to the ground and the smallest apples of the fertilized plats came from the sprayed trees. From the table (No. 1) it will be seen that a large portion of the apples,...
Page 12 - ... committee shall be empowered to transact any and all business of the society that may be necessary between meetings of this society. In case the Governor honor either the president or secretary of this society by appointment to this board, this society shall elect a member to fill the vacancy. This board shall from time to time fix the compensation of the secretary of this society as they may deem the requirements of the office may justify. ARTICLE IV. DATE OF ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting...
Page 36 - ... color in this orchard that the fertilized plats could be seen from a great distance. There was also a very marked difference in the attitude of the trees. The foliage and crop of the check plat trees was so light that the branches stood up as in winter and were no barrier to people and teams passing beneath while the branches of the fertilized trees were so weighted down with foliage and fruit that it was difficult to get through, and a team could only be taken between the trees in a very few...

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