Plain Truth: The “What’S Missing” of the Protestant Faith

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Author House, Jun 4, 2012 - Religion - 344 pages
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Plain Truth For many generations modern Christians have sat in church week after week while ministers pound the pulpits telling them what horrible sinners they are. In many cases doctrines have been handed down from parents to children, professor to student, and pastor to assistant, with little or no study of the scriptures on a personal basis. It should come as no surprise that we are missing some important pieces. If you are ready for real growth then you should read the Bible for yourself and fi nd out what it says to you fi rst hand. Reading this book you have in your hand is a good place to start. In this book we will explore provocative truths that you may not have heard of before. We will look at topics the average minister will rarely if ever speak of. We will discuss things that the protestant church simply cannot accept in spite of it being right in front of them in black and white and even in red and white. We will also look at a few scientifi c discoveries that support the word and spark our imaginations. Christ came to set us free from the bondage of the old law, yet many churches today are riddled with legalism, bickering, envy, hate, all the things that contradict what Christ came to promote, that being love and forgiveness. Christ himself said that he came into the world not to condemn it but instead to save it and to give each person eternal life. Plain Truth is a fresh look at some of the most interesting scriptures on the most controversial topics. I have shared it with the world in an effort to promote the Kingdom of God along with peace and personal growth for those that seek it. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed creating it. It may not be inspirational on every point to every reader, but if it helps each reader discover even one small truth for them, then my mission is accomplished. Author: Todd D. Utley

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A little bit about me: I was born and raised in central Indiana on an old homestead in Warrington near Wilkinson. It was and is still today a farm community. It was a wonderful place to grow up and I love my meomories of that old house and barns and the surrounding acreage. My siblings and I were raised in a more old fashioned way than most of my peers today would recall. No air conditioning in our old farmhouse and the old boiler radiator system that was somewhat problematic every winter. We survived the blizzard of 1978 and un-like folks in larger metropolitian areas we were truly snowed in for two weeks. We were down to just peanut butter and crackers and very little LP left in the tank for our boiler before an oversized snowplow was able to break through with the aid of a large back hoe in several locations. A full size snowplow could break through the enormous drifts on our little country road that isolated us from Anderson which was 12 miles away. That was a very unique experience. We grew a huge garden every summer and canned anything and everything we could in the old Ball Jars that were so popular back then. We had almost everything homemade. We raised a calf most years for butchering and had plenty of chickens for eggs and a few for frying. We had ducks, cats, dogs, ponies, horses, and a few other strays. We went to church every Sunday Morning and Evening and every Wednesday night for Prayer Meeting. We were raised strict Baptist and we simply did not miss church unless we were very ill. My Mother and Father were hard working people who believed and still do believe very strongly in our Heavenly Father and everything in our Bible. I too am a believer and have similar viewpoints to theirs however I have studied the King James Bible for myself and have arrived at somewhat different conclusions. They have mellowed in their elder years and have changed their position on several things that the older Baptist Doctrines Supported. They have come to recognize, as I have, that many things are now known as legalism. We still have wonderful Biblical conversations to this day and we respect one another greatly and sometimes agree to disagree on the finer points of the Protestant Faith. The whole idea of believing in what you hear without studying for yourself is why I wrote this book. I reveal some things in this book that will be startling to many readers. If you have sat in church your whole life and still don't know what you really believe, then I hope that you will read this book, as it may change the way you see your faith. Todd D. Utley

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