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Review of the Book titled: ‘Scientific Writings’ authored by Dr IR Durrani:
I know the author both as his PhD Thesis supervisor and as a colleague. I find it a pleasure to write a few lines
about his recently published book titled’ Scientific Writings’. Essentially , it is a book of research in Physics covering a spectrum of topics from relativity to terrorism. The author investigates various facets of Einsteinian relativity and some aspects of Maxwell Electromagnetic Theory; later he hones in on the hidden simplicity of complex numbers; later still, using mathematical models , the author attempts explaining, the by now, endemic wailing on Wall Street. An attempt is made to revolutionalize science by proposing a paradigm shift in the scientists’ mind set. The Louvre is visited to seduce the reader with the fetching Mona Lisa smile ( in scientific terms, naturally). Finally, the demarche of the dispossessed , commonly ‘misnomered’ as terrorism is analyzed. I , personally, found the book a riveting read. The language is well orchestrated and the stream of thought and consciousness ,is quite impressive and compelling. All in all, an eruditely performed piece of work.
(Professor Dr G Murtaza)
Salam Chair,GCU-Lahore

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