Children of the Tenements

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Macmillan, 1904 - United States - 387 pages

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Page 35 - on her hat swept his shoulder. " Mögtest Du mich haben ? " he entreated. Above the grinding of the wheels as the train slowed up for the station a block ahead, pleaded the tenor : — Oh, promise me that you will take my hand, The most unworthy in this lonely land — Did she speak ? Her face was hidden,
Page 242 - lurid from the attic window, reaching with impotent fury for its prey. The next moment they were safe upon the great ladder waiting to receive them below. Then such a shout went up ! Men fell on
Page 242 - from the boy. And now the iron hook fell at his feet, and the fireman stood upon the step with the rescued lad in his arms, just as the pent-up flame
Page 344 - Forgiveness to the injured does belong, But they ne'er pardon who have done the wrong,
Page 248 - the fire was quickly put out- There were underground reservoirs of naphtha — the ground was honeycombed with them — that might explode at any moment with the fire raging overhead. The peril was instant and great. Captain Ahearn looked at the body, and saw it stir. The watch-chain upon the man's vest rose and fell as if he were breathing.
Page 196 - school camps a scattered little band, the Christmas customs of which I had been trying for years to surprise. They are Indians, a handful of Mohawks and Iroquois, whom some ill wind has blown down from their Canadian reservation, and left in these West Side tenements to eke out
Page 274 - coming, gathering headway with lurid, swirling smoke. Now it burst through, burning the hair and the coats of the two. For an instant he thought all hope was gone. But in a flash it came back to him. To relieve the terrible dead-weight that wrenched and tore at his muscles, he was swinging the man to and fro like a pendulum, head touching head. He could
Page 243 - Indeed, it is hard, in recording any, to make a choice and to avoid giving the impression that recklessness is a chief quality in the fireman's make-up. That would not be true. His life is too full of real peril for him to expose it
Page 241 - that at its longest stretch was many feet too short, crept four men upon long, slender poles with cross-bars, iron-hooked at the end. Standing in one window, they reached up and thrust the hook through the next one above, then mounted a story higher. Again the crash of glass, and again the dizzy ascent. Straight up the wall they crept, looking like human flies on the ceiling, and clinging as
Page 271 - could pass by the marvellous feat, or feats, of Sergeant (now Captain) John R. Vaughan on that February morning six years ago. The alarm rang in patrol station No. 3 at

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