Technology Economics: Sodium Hypochlorite Chemical Production

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Intratec Solutions, Mar 27, 2013 - 62 pages
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Sodium hypochlorite is an excellent disinfecting agent employed in water treatment, cleaning and laundry operations. Transport and handling safety concerns have direct public opinion towards the use of sodium hypochlorite rather than chlorine gas in water treatment, which represents a significant market expansion potential. This publication reviews the technical aspects of a industrial bleach production process similar to the Solvay Chemicals. The analysis also includes estimates for both the capital investment and the operating costs of typical plants on the US Gulf Coast and in Brazil. This study follows the same pattern as all Technology Economics studies developed by Intratec.

About Technology Economics

Technology Economics studies are advisory services ordered by leading chemical companies, which are disclosed to public after an agreeded upon period of time. All Technology Economics studies are based on the same rigorous methodology and well-defined structure, encompassing:

Process flow diagrams and material balances Raw material and utility consumptions Major equipment sizing Inside and outside battery limits capital costs Detailed fixed and variable manufacturing expenses

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