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An actor's life, presented admiringly—after all, the subject is a plain-spoken American beau ideal.Jimmy Stewart (1908-97), firmly lodged in the motion-picture pantheon throughout the studio-contract days and beyond, was a Princetonian, a modest war hero, sincerely Presbyterian, hardworking, happily married, politically conservative and a preternaturally gifted actor. As depicted by veteran ... Read full review

Review: Jimmy Stewart: A Biography

Editorial Review - - Ron Kaplan

We're getting to the time of year when one of the classic holiday movies, It's a Wonderful Life, begins to make the rounds. The uplifting themes of family, love and redemption overshadow what has come to be thought of by some critics as a dark film. Fitting, because the star of that movie, Jimmy Stewart, had recently returned from a dark place in "real life." It's a Wonderful Life is considered to ... Read full review

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