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RESTORATION is a book you can read at least three times. In the third reading, you’ll be just as absorbed as you were in the first. You’ll read on and on at a tremendous pace. One more chapter, one more chapter. You know what will happen, but the way it happens is so very interesting. Each character must make his own analysis according to his character, his position in the world, his assessment of the other characters, his present situation. Some characters threaten, some manipulate, some grieve, some rejoice at what must be done. Each move a man makes reveals a little more of him or her as a person.
The book is about exiled royalty and the land from which they’ve been exiled sixty years before. It begins with diary entries and letters in which the characters and the plot begin to take shape. Then most of them meet at an official reception. The exiled “king” (who has never been crowned) revels in his role. He loves to dominate and to entertain, his favorite props being his kingly attire and any available piano. The characters meet and move on to meet others. They sing to the king’s music. They grow from writers and recipients of letters into people we can see.
From then on, the plot thickens and the characters grow, until finally we know what will happen.
- Marie S. Jackman

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