Biennial Report, Volume 3

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State of California Department of Public Health., 1875 - California
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1892/1894-1894/1896 include also, The Transactions of the second and fourth annual sanitary conventions held at San Josť, April 16, 1894 and Los Angeles, April 20, 1896.

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Page 49 - They shall make sanitary investigations and inquiries in respect to the people, the causes of disease, and especially of epidemics, and the sources of mortality and the effects of localities, employments, conditions and circumstances on the public health...
Page 79 - However criminal," he proceeded to say, " in a moral point of view, such an indulgence is, and however justly a party may be responsible for his acts arising from it to Almighty God, human tribunals are generally restricted from punishing them, since they are not the acts of a reasonable being. Had the crime been committed...
Page 164 - ... 6. As compared with the water-closet the earth-closet has these advantages :—It is cheaper in original cost; it requires less repair; it is not injured by frost; it is not damaged by improper substances being thrown down it; and it very greatly reduces the quantity of water required by each household.
Page 233 - ... of the clear value of the estate of the testator in excess of his debts and liabilities, other than legacies. The directors shall, before entering on their duties, file in the office of the clerk of each county, in which .such cemetery is situated, a written acceptance of their appointment, and...
Page 234 - ... and any person filing or attempting to file, as his own, the diploma or certificate of another, or a forged affidavit of identification, shall be guilty of a felony, and, upon conviction shall...
Page 164 - As applied to even ridding ourselves of the nuiSance, it is the finest effort of < the circumlocution office,' and the best illustration of <how not to do it? in our generation." Engineers have employed an elephant to do the work of a mouse, and the burly brute has trodden down and has laid waste the country.
Page 132 - River. The filling of this river is always very sudden, and it comes rushing along with great impetuosity; sweeps out all the filth from the ditches, clears away all the impurities so long stagnant on the island, and leaves the place for a while tolerably healthy, and the air cool and refreshing.
Page 67 - ... to a much greater extent than heretofore, the number of the insane throughout the country. In the short period of nineteen years, the estimated proportion of the insane in England rose from 1 in 7300 to 1 in 769 ; a difference which led to the belief in a frightful increase of Insanity, but which by no means warranted such a conclusion.
Page 128 - A large fresh-water lagoon, of a most green, slimy, tropical appearance, producing in abundance a lotus of almost Victoria Regia magnificence, stretches away to the back of the fort, and around are situated the bungalows of many of the Colombo merchants. The propinquity of this lake would, in any other tropical country...
Page 231 - ... would never have anticipated them. And my more special purpose has been that of showing how marvellous are the results indirectly and unintentionally achieved by the co-operation of men who are severally pursuing their private ends.

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