The English Historical Review

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Mandell Creighton, Justin Winsor, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Reginald Lane Poole, Sir John Goronwy Edwards
Oxford University Press, 1899 - Electronic journals

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Page 700 - shall lay down arms, and submit to the power and authority of the parliament by the time limited in the former qualifications, and shall take and subscribe the engagement to be true and faithful to the commonwealth of England as the same is now established, within such time and in such manner as the commissioners for the parliament and commander-in-chief shall
Page 700 - Be it enacted and declared by this present parliament and by the authority of the same that all and every person and persons of the Irish nation comprehended in any of the following qualifications shall be liable unto the penalties and forfeitures therein mentioned and contained, or be made capable of the mercy and pardon
Page 755 - Rear-Admiral Lord Nelson, KB, commander of his Britannic majesty's fleet in the Bay of Naples, acquaints the rebellious subjects of his Sicilian majesty in the Castles of Uovo and Nuovo that he will not permit them to embark or quit those places. They must surrender themselves to his majesty's royal mercy.
Page 49 - ever did so unaccountable a thing to oblige his people by, as to dissolve a commission of the admiralty then in his own hand, who best understands the business of the sea of any prince the world ever had, and things never better done, and put it żito hands which he knew were wholly ignorant thereof, sporting
Page 577 - by its manners, exhausted her by its rapacity, and slandered her by its malice. Should such a combination, once inflamed, as it must be now by the favour of the British court and by the reprobation of the Irish people, return to power, I have no hesitation to say
Page 750 - only the business of abusing the puritans begins to grow stale, and of no use, they being the people that, at last, will be found the wisest.
Page 254 - the Tables of Hunter, the Astrologie of Aratus. From that to the Morali Philosophie ; he teatched the Ethiks of Aristotle, the Offices of Cicero, Aristotle de Virtutibus, Cicero's Paradoxes and Tusculanes, Aristot. Polyb. and certean of Platoes Dialoges. From that to the Naturall Philosophie ; he teatched the buiks of the Physics, De Ortu, De Ccelo,
Page 601 - At any rate, the American Revolution affords no exemption from the general law of historic investigation—that the truth is to be found only by him who searches for it with an unbiassed mind. Until we shall be able to take— respecting the problems and the parties of
Page 600 - palliate the conduct of the patriots. Had the leaders lost in the excitement of the controversies the power of weighing words properly, and did they honestly think Hutchinson's expressions deserved such an interpretation? Did they honestly believe that it was right to hold him responsible for what Oliver
Page 627 - but very ruinous, near unto which town is a valley of pitch very marvellous to behold, and a thing almost incredible, wherein are many springs, throwing out abundantly a kind of black substance like unto tar and pitch, which serveth all the countries thereabouts to make staunch their barks and boats, every one of which springs maketh a noise like a smith's forge

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