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This is a great collection of essays from various people with all different points of view on interracial relationships. They all have one thing in common, which is a Biblical, Christian perspective. It focuses more on strictly interracial relationships, rather than general intercultural ones. It includes historical information, personal stories, and stories of interracial couples in the Bible.
An addition to my original review. This book is not only for black man/white woman relationships, as the picture on the cover shows. The authors come from a variety of ethnicities, and write about their own experiences. Most of them are Americans and married to Americans, but their differing cultures still affect their relationship.
George and Sherelyn Yancey - the editors, also each the author of a chapter. He is an African American, she is a European American
Craig S. Keener - a European American married to a woman from the Congo
A. Charles Ware - an African American married to a European American
Ken Ham - a biologist writing not about inter-cultural marriage but about all people being related through Adam
Sundee Tucker Frazier - a biracial woman, providing the perspective of the children of mixed marriages (African American father, European American mother)
David Tatlock - a European American married to an African American
Art and Debbie Lucero - a triracial Mexican man (with European, African, and Native American ancestors) and a biracial American woman (European American father and Japanese American mother)
Randy Woodley - biracial (European American and Native American) married to a biracial woman (also European/Native American)
Bob and Jean Chin - Chinese American man and European American woman
Olga Soler - multiracial American woman (Taino Indian, Sephardic Jew, African, French, Moor) giving advice to European Americans who would want to marry a multiracial person
Michael and Joni Emerson - both European Americans discussing the topic "What if Our Children Date Interracially?"
Fred Prinzing - a European American man whose son married an African American
Deborah Johnson - an Asian American married to an African American

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