Tell-Trothes New Yeares Gift ...: And The Passionate Morrice. 1593.--John Lane's Tom Tell-Troths Message, and His Pens Complaint. 1600.--Thomas Powell's Tom of All Trades. Or The Plaine Path-way to Preferment ... 1631.--The Glasse of Godly Loue. (By John Rogers?) 1569.--

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Frederick James Furnivall
New Shakspere Society, 1876 - 210 pages
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Page 199 - She that is fayre, lusty, and yonge, And can comon in termes wyth fyled tonge, And wyll abyde whysperynge in the eare, Thynke ye her tayle is not lyght of the seare.
Page xix - ... in dutiful manner to make propositions, and to leave it to the providence of God and the authority of the magistrate.
Page xvii - There is nocht tua nations vndir the firmament that ar mair contrar and different fra vthirs nor is Inglismen and Scottismen, quhobeit that thai be within ane ile and nychtbours and of ane langage.
Page xviii - Spain an intention to invade her dominions, and that a principal point of the plot was to prepare a party within the realm that might adhere to the foreigner, and that the seminaries began to blossom and to send forth daily priests and professed men, who should by vow taken at shrift reconcile her subjects from their obedience...
Page xiii - LANE, a fine old Queen Elizabeth's gentleman, who was living within my remembrance, and whose several Poems, had they not had the ill fate to remain unpublisht, when much better meriting than many, that are in print, might possibly have gained him a name not much inferior, if not equal to Drayton, and others of the next rank to Spenser; but they are all to be produc't in manuscript, namely his " Poetical Vision,' his ' Alarm to the Poets,' his • Twelve Months,' his ' Guy of Warwick, a Heroic Poem...
Page xxv - Aldersgate. 1627. Next appeard, in 1631, his eighth book, to which he did not put his name, as not half of it was his own work. The title is given by Mr Hazlitt in his Collections and Notes, 1876,1 as " The Repertorie of Records : remaining in the 4.
Page 173 - In stead of Song and Musicke, let them learne Cookery and Laundrie. And in stead of reading Sir Philip Sidneys Arcadia, let them read the grounds of good huswifery. I like not a female Poetresse at any hand. Let greater personages glory their skill in musicke, the posture of their bodies, their knowledge in languages, the greatnesse and freedome of their spirits, and their arts in arreigning of mens affections at their flattering faces : This is not the way to breed a private Gentlemans Daughter.
Page 195 - Whorer is most hurtfull in Cousonage, to the Commonwealth. Discouering the Secret Villanies of alluring Strumpets. With the Conuersion of an English Courtizen, reformed this present yeare 1 592.
Page 46 - ... interdictis imminet aeger aquis. centum fronte oculos, centum cervice gerebat Argus — et hos unus saepe fefellit Amor...
Page xiii - ... better meriting than many that are in print, might possibly have gain'd him a name not much inferiour, if not equal, to Drayton and others of the next rank to Spencer ; but they are all to be produc't in Manuscript : namely, his Poetical Vision...