In this Our Life

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The core theme that is throughout the whole book: New order vs. Old order. It takes place during the forties with a family named Timberlake. There is Asa, Lavinia, Roy and Stanley (both daughters despite the names). Both daughters are married or soon will be, but the younger sister, Stanley, runs away with Roy's husband and vice versa. After that, tragedies begin to pile up. The daughters refuse to listen to their father's wise old order advice and knowledge. They feel their more modern, new order view is better -- 'with it'. The book is really about the fabric of what keeps a family united: love, tradition, character, values, patience, etc... Ellen Glasgow does a wonderful job at making readers see the changing of social values as technology became and continues to be more powerful and the youth more determined to get that 'quick gratification' or 'instant fix'. --A Customer at

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