The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments, Volume 6

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Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 1896
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Page 313 - For of the most High cometh healing, and he shall receive honour of the king. The skill of the physician shall lift up his head : and in the sight of great men he shall be in admiration.
Page 319 - GREAT travail is created for every man, And a heavy yoke is upon the sons of Adam, From the day of their coming forth from their mother's womb, Until the day for their burial in the mother of all things.
Page 400 - Behold, our enemies are discomfited: let us go up to cleanse and dedicate the sanctuary. Upon this all the host assembled themselves together, and went up into mount Sion. And when they saw the sanctuary desolate, and the altar profaned, and the gates burned up, and shrubs growing in the courts as in a forest, or in one of the mountains, yea, and the priests...
Page 248 - Forsake not an old friend, for the new is not comparable to him : a new friend is as new wine ; when it is old thou shalt drink it with pleasure.
Page 201 - She preserved the first formed Father of the World that was created alone, and brought him out of his fall, and gave him power to rule all things.
Page 330 - LET US NOW PRAISE FAMOUS MEN, AND OUR FATHERS THAT BEgat us. The Lord hath wrought great glory by them through his great power from the beginning. Such as did bear rule in their kingdoms, men renowned for their power, giving counsel by their understanding, and declaring prophecies: leaders of the people by their counsels, and by their knowledge of learning meet for the people, wise and eloquent in their instructions...
Page 317 - Many shall commend his understanding ; and so long as the world endureth, it shall not be blotted out : his memorial shall not depart, and his name shall live from generation to generation. Nations shall declare his wisdom, and the congregation shall tell out his praise.
Page 261 - He himself made man from the beginning, and left him in the hand of his counsel; if thou wilt, to keep the commandments, and to perform acceptable faithfulness.
Page 307 - The prayer of the humble pierceth the clouds: and till it come nigh, he will not be comforted; and will not depart, till the most High shall behold to judge righteously, and execute judgment.
Page 313 - My son, in thy sickness be not negligent : but pray unto the LORD, and He will make thee whole.

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