Sketches in India [letters].

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Page 232 - he lifted his hands to heaven, they were full of blood, and he uttered a funeral prayer for the living and the dead. In a transport of despair his sister, Fatima, issued from the tent, and adjured
Page 232 - faggots. The enemy advanced with reluctance ; and one of their chiefs deserted with thirty followers to claim the partnership of inevitable death. In every close onset, or single combat, the despair of the
Page 231 - morning he mounted his horse, with his sword in one hand and the Koran in the other : his generous band of martyrs consisted only of thirty-two horse and forty foot, but their
Page 231 - calm and solemn resignation to encounter his fate. He checked the lamentations of his sister Fatima, who deplored the impending ruin of his house. ' Our trust,' said Hosein,' is in God alone. All things both in heaven and earth must perish and return to their Creator. My brother, 'my father, my mother were better than me, and every Mussulman has an example in the prophet.
Page 232 - horses and men were successively slain; a truce was allowed on both sides for the hour of prayer, and the battle at length expired by the death of the
Page 231 - conditions—that he should be allowed to return to Medina, or be stationed in a frontier garrison against the Turks, or safely conducted to the presence of Yezid.
Page 53 - Whenever any person or persons shall be desirous of keeping or using any printing press, or types, or other materials, or articles for printing, he or they shall state the same by a written application to the magistrate or joint
Page 51 - preventing the establishment of printing presses without license, and for restraining, under certain circumstances, the circulation of printed books and papers; passed by the governorgeneral in council on the 5th April, 1823.
Page 232 - he seated himself at the door of his tent. As he tasted a drop of water, he was pierced in the mouth
Page 231 - or expect the consequences of his rebellion. ' Do you think,' ' replied he, to terrify me with death ?

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