China and the Allies, Volume 1

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Charles Scribner's sons, 1901 - China - 446 pages

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Page 73 - ) at midnight suddenly saw a spirit descend in their midst. The spirit was silent for a long time, and all the congregation fell upon their knees and prayed. Then a terrible voice was heard saying : — " I am none other than the Great Yii Ti (God of the unseen world) come down in person.
Page 74 - World) come down in person. Well knowing that ye are all of devout mind, I have just now descended to make known to you that these are times of trouble in the world, and that it is impossible to set aside the decrees of fate. Disturbances are to be dreaded from the foreign devils ; everywhere they are starting Missions, erecting telegraphs, and building railways ; they do not believe iu the sacred doctrine, and they speak evil of the Gods.
Page 34 - Gazette ordering, by name, the complete suppression and abolition of the Fist of Righteous Harmony and Big Sword societies, and I request that it may be distinctly stated in the decree that to belong to either of these societies, or to harbor any of its members, is a criminal offense against Chinese law.
Page 47 - Pe-tang, le jour est même fixé; toute la ville le connaît, tout le monde en parle, et l'effervescence populaire est manifeste. Hier soir encore, quarante-trois pauvres femmes, avec leurs enfants, fuyant le massacre, sont arrivées chez les sœurs; plus de 500 personnes les accompagnaient, en leur disant que, si elles ont échappé une fois, elles y passeront bientôt ici avec les autres.
Page 1 - ... to heaven itself and is heard of God. Though spiritual beings and sages were sent down to teach right principles, to issue good books, and to instruct the multitude, few, alas! heeded. Who is there that understands? The evil go on their course rejoicing, while the spiritual powers are conscious that their teaching has been vain. " Now in anger the heavenly Powers are sending down multitudes of spirits to earth to make inquiry of all, both high and low. The Emperor himself, the chief offender,...
Page 75 - This I saw with my own eyes, and therefore I make bold to take my pen and write what happened. They who believe it shall have merit ; they who do not believe it shall have guilt. The wrath of the spirit was because of the destruction of the Temple of Yu Ti.
Page 10 - When all the military accomplishments or tactics Are fully learned It will not be difficult to exterminate the foreign devils then ; Push aside the railway tracks, Pull out the telegraph poles ; Immediately after this destroy the steamers. The great France Will fall cold and down-hearted (be vanquished). The English and Russian will certainly disperse. Let the various foreign devils All be killed.
Page 15 - Hasten, then, to spread this doctrine far and wide; for if you gain one adherent to the faith, your own person will be absolved from all future misfortunes. If you gain five adherents...
Page 14 - The Catholic and Protestant religions being insolent to the gods and extinguishing sanctity, rendering no obedience to Buddhism and enraging both Heaven and earth, the rain-clouds no longer visit us; but 8,000,000 spirit soldiers will descend from heaven and sweep the Empire clean of all foreigners.
Page xxviii - There is nothing but squabbling and extortion on all hands, and lawsuits are unnumbered. In the Yamens it is of no avail to have a clear case; unless you bribe you will lose the day. There is no one to whom the aggrieved may appeal; the simple multitudes are killed with oppression, and their cry goes up to heaven itself and is heard of God. Though spiritual beings and sages were sent down to teach right principles, to issue good...

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