Argosy All-story Weekly, Volume 33

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Frank Andrew Munsey
F. A. Munsey, 1900
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Page 72 - I curse not, for my heart is lost in thine, Though thou forsakest a deceived thing; A dove forlorn and lost with sick unpruned wing.
Page 535 - O HEART of mine, we shouldn't Worry so! What we've missed of calm we couldn't Have, you know! What we've met of stormy pain, And of sorrow's driving rain, We can better meet again, If it blow! We have erred in that dark hour We have known, When our tears fell with the shower, All alone ! — Were not shine and shower blent As the gracious Master meant?
Page 259 - Frescia had been driven from the Venetian court through the machinations of unknown enemies, and how he could not return to sue for her hand without imperiling his life. For Venice, wishing to possess herself of his dominions, chose to regard him as a usurper. This he had told her in secret letters. She then passed on to her father's determination to force her into a marriage with the aged Christoforo Donato, in order to prop up the tottering fortunes of his house with the old man's wealth, and so...
Page 133 - ... which the melancholy event would be likely to produce upon the moral character of a young man, when Morris interrupted him with the remark, " My good sir, you argue the matter so handsomely, and point out so clearly the advantage of being without legs, that I am almost tempted to part with the other." It was three or four months before he was able to leave his room, and his quick preceptions, fertility of resources, and energetic counsels were severely missed by Congress in that crisis. The machinery...
Page 170 - D'Urfey," as Burns calls him, we are not able to determine. The song has always been popular. TOBACCO'S but an Indian weed, Grows green in the morn, cut down at eve; It shows our decay, We are but clay ; Think of this when you smoke tobacco! The pipe that is so...
Page 531 - ... but I would be less than a man if I did not hope to know something concerning them — did I voluntarily remain in ignorance of everything connected with them.
Page 320 - ... forgetting where he was in the intensity of his concentration of mind upon the subject confronting him. When he began the conversation with Robert, he was immediately convinced of the innocence of the old servant of any complicity in the fraud that had been perpetrated, but now he believed differently; and the more he thought of it, the stronger became his conviction that he was being deliberately deceived: and the change in his sentiments was due entirely to Robert's assertion that the tattooed...
Page 293 - YESTERDAY AND TO-MORROW. JOYS have three stages, Hoping, Having, and Had: The hands of Hope are empty, and the heart of Having is sad; For the joy we take, in the taking dies; and the joy we Had is its ghost. Now, which is the better — the joy unknown or the joy we have clasped and lost ? A DISAPPOINTMENT.
Page 148 - England of his day, whatever its limitations, was seething with important movements as interesting, in slightly different applications, on this side of the Atlantic as well as on the other...
Page 320 - Covington, wHo, to my certain knowledge is at this moment living with a man to whom she is not married, and is the mother of children who have no legal existence?

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