The Design of Simple Steel Bridges

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Constable & Company, 1912 - Bridges, Iron and steel - 396 pages

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Page 19 - Reinhardt, CW Lettering for Draftsmen, Engineers, and Students oblong 4to, boards, i oo The Technic of Mechanical Drafting. . . oblong 4to, boards, *i oo Reiser, F. Hardening and Tempering of Steel.
Page 7 - Practice 8vo, 2 50 Fleischmann, W. The Book of the Dairy. Trans, by CM Aikman. 8vo, 4 oo Fleming, JA The Alternate-current Transformer. Two Volumes.
Page 21 - Alloys (Non-Ferrous) 8 vo, *3 oo The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel 8vo, *6 50 Seymour, A. Practical Lithography 8vo, *2 50 Modern Printing Inks 8vo, *2 oo Shaw, Henry SH Mechanical Integrators. (Science Series No. 83.) idino, o 50 Shaw, PE Course of Practical Magnetism and Electricity 8vo, *i oo Shaw, S.
Page 7 - Laws 8vo, *3 oo Fanning, JT Hydraulic and Water-supply Engineering 8vo, *s oo Fauth, P. The Moon in Modern Astronomy.' Trans. by J. McCabe. 8vo, *2 oo Fay, IW The Coal-tar Colors 8vo, *4 oo Fernbach, RL Glue and Gelatine 8vo, *3 oo Chemical Aspects of Silk Manufacture 121110, *i oo Fischer, E.
Page 15 - Mathot, RE Internal Combustion Engines 8vo, *6 oo Maurice, W. Electric Blasting Apparatus and Explosives 8vo, *3 50 Shot Firer's Guide 8vo, *i 50 Maxwell, JC Matter and Motion. (Science Series No. 36...
Page 12 - Jennison, FH The Manufacture of Lake Pigments 8vo, *3 oo Jepson, G. Cams and the Principles of their Construction 8vo, *i 50 Mechanical Drawing 8vo (In. Preparation.) Jockin, W.
Page 18 - Mechanics 8vo, *2 50 Petit, G. White Lead and Zinc White Paints 8vo, *i 50 Petit, R. How to Build an Aeroplane. Trans. by T. O'B. Hubbard, and JH Ledeboer 8vo, *i 50 Pettit, Lieut. JS Graphic Processes. (Science Series No. 76.) . . . i6mo, o 50 Philbrick, PH Beams and Girders.
Page 16 - Meyer, JGA, and Pecker, CG Mechanical Drawing and Machine Design 4to, 5 oo Michell, S. Mine Drainage 8vo, 10 oo Mierzinski, S. Waterproofing of Fabrics. Trans.
Page 18 - Edition 8vo, *3 oo Dredging. A Practical Treatise 8vo, *3 oo Prescott, AB Organic Analysis 8vo, 5 oo Prescott, AB, and Johnson, 0. C. Qualitative Chemical Analysis. . .8vo, *3 50 Prescott, AB, and Sullivan, EC First Book in Qualitative Chemistry.
Page 11 - Sea. . . i6mo, morocco, o 75 Hole, W. The Distribution of Gas 8vo, *7 50 Holley, AL Railway Practice folio...

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