England Under the House of Hanover: Its History and Condition During the Reigns of the Three Georges, Illustrated from the Caricatures and Satires of the Day, Volume 1

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R. Bentley, 1848 - Caricature
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Page 308 - For physic and farces his equal there scarce is— His farces are physic, his physic a farce is.
Page 174 - Not in glorious battle slain. ' Hence with all my train attending, From their oozy tombs below, Through the hoary foam ascending, Here I feed my constant woe ; Here the Bastimentos viewing, We recall our shameful doom, And, our plaintive cries renewing, Wander through the midnight gloom, 'O'er these waves for ever mourning Shall we roam deprived of rest, If to Britain's shores returning You neglect my just request ; After this proud foe subduing, When your patriot friends you see, Think on vengeance...
Page 129 - When lo ! a Harlot form soft sliding by, With mincing step, small voice, and languid eye: Foreign her air, her robe's discordant pride In patch-work flutt'ring, and her head aside: By singing Peers up-held on either hand, She tripp'd and laugh'd, too pretty much to stand; 50 Cast on the prostrate Nine a scornful look, Then thus in quaint Recitative spoke.
Page 173 - I, by twenty sail attended, Did this Spanish town affright; Nothing then its wealth defended But my orders not to fight. Oh! that in this rolling ocean I had cast them with disdain, And obeyed my heart's warm motion To have quelled the pride of Spain!
Page 118 - Till one wide conflagration swallows all. 240 Thence a new world, to nature's laws unknown, Breaks out refulgent, with a heaven its own : Another Cynthia her new journey runs, And other planets circle other suns. The forests dance, the rivers upward rise, Whales sport in woods, and dolphins in the skies ; And last, to give the whole creation grace, Lo ! one vast egg produces human race.
Page 174 - For resistance I could fear none, But with twenty ships had done What thou, brave and happy Vernon, Hast achieved with six alone. Then the Bastimentos never Had our foul dishonour seen, Nor the sea the sad receiver Of this gallant train had been. ' Thus, like thee, proud Spain dismaying, And her galleons leading home, Though condemn'd for disobeying, I had met a traitor's doom. To have fallen, my country crying He has play'd an English part, Had been better far than dying Of a grieved and broken...
Page 192 - It is Admiral Vernon's birthday,* and the city shops are full of favours, the streets of marrowbones and cleavers, and the night will be full of mobbing, bonfires, and lights.
Page 308 - Three poets, in three distant ages born, Greece, Italy, and England did adorn. The first in loftiness of thought surpassed, The next in majesty, in both the last. The force of Nature could no farther go ; To make a third she joined the former two.
Page 172 - From the Spaniards' late defeat, And his crews, with shouts victorious, Drank success to England's fleet ; On a sudden, shrilly sounding, Hideous yells and shrieks were heard ; Then, each heart with fear confounding, A sad troop of ghosts...
Page 193 - Street * * was called in the morning, and was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow, for I have frequently known him snore ere they had drawn his curtains, now never sleeps above an hour without waking ; and he, who at dinner always forgot he was minister, and was more gay and thoughtless than all his company, now sits without speaking, and with his eyes fixed for an hour together.

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