Crime in America and the Police

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Century Company, 1920 - Crime - 57 pages
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Page 30 - Act to codify, revise, and amend the laws relating to the judiciary," be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to read as follows: ' ' SEC. 269. All of the said courts shall have power to grant new trials, in cases where there has been a trial by jury, for reasons for which new trials have usually been granted in the courts of law.
Page 28 - It is not too much to say that the administration of criminal law in this country is a disgrace to our civilization...
Page 48 - Nowhere in the world is there so great an anxiety to place the moral regulation of social affairs in the hands of the police, and nowhere are the police so incapable of carrying out such regulation.
Page 30 - On the hearing of any appeal, certiorari, writ of error, or motion for a new trial, in any case, civil or criminal, the court shall give judgment after an examination of the entire record before the court, without regard to technical errors, defects, or exceptions which do not affect the substantial rights of the parties.
Page 31 - In a single year in Oregon — to use an illustration that could be duplicated everywhere — there occurred 56 homicides. Forty-six of the offenders were arrested. 1 " The fact is that our administration of criminal law has as nearly reached perfection in guarding the innocent (and guilty) from conviction as is possible for any human institution; but in securing the safety and order of the community by the conviction of the guilty, it is woefully inadequate.
Page 54 - When the act which violates the law is merely malutn prohibitum and would not be wrong in itself, when large numbers of the people, or a majority of the people wish to commit that act or have no objection to others committing it, — such an act, for instance, as playing ball, going to a theatre, trimming a window, running a train, or having ice-cream delivered for the Sunday dinner, — then it becomes impossible to enforce the law without re1 From a public address delivered in 1916, the manuscript...
Page 27 - The prosecuting attorneys' offices, the courts and the prisons take up the thread of their work where the police leave it. The operation of justice is a single operation working through a number of agencies. It follows, therefore, that the effectiveness of the police cannot be judged apart from the effectiveness of 1 Chicago Tribune (Paris edition), January 31, 1919.
Page 10 - In the year 1916, indeed — and it was not an exceptional year — Chicago with its 2,500,000 people had twenty more murders than the whole of England and Wales put together with their 38,000,000 people.
Page 6 - In other words, the native white population of native parentage amounts to less than one-fifth the total population of New York and less than one-fourth of the populations of Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit and Milwaukee; while in cities like Fall River, Massachusetts, it constitutes little more than 10%. In only fourteen of the fifty largest cities of America does the native parentage population equal fifty per cent of the total.
Page 12 - London had for the same year, and only ten less homicides than all of England and Wales. In 1917 New York had six times more homicides than London, and exceeded the total homicides of England and Wales by 56. In 1918 New York again had six times more homicides than London, and exceeded the total homicides of England and Wales by 67. 1 This contrast cannot be attributed to the peculiar conditions in London induced by the war.

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