Walter in Constantinople

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Sheldon, 1864 - Children - 222 pages

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Page 116 - own; Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad, And praise surround the throne. To-day he rose, and left the dead, And Satan's empire fell; To-day the saints his triumphs spread, And all his wonders tell.
Page 117 - Am Ia soldier of the cross, A follower of the Lamb ? And shall I fear to own his cause,— Or blush to speak his name ?
Page 87 - This instance,' he says,' contributes to make it even probable that all thoughts are in themselves imperishable; and that, if the intelligent faculty should be rendered more comprehensive, it would require only a different and apportioned organization—the body celestial instead of the body terrestrial—to bring before
Page 49 - to repeat the following in Hebrew: 'My husband's brother refuseth to raise up unto his brother a name in Israel; he will not perform the duty of my husband's brother.
Page 111 - Thou bitter water, thy lord lays on thee this punishment, because thou hast wronged him without a cause, having suffered no evil at his hands. Verily, King Xerxes will cross thee whether thou wilt or no. Well dost thou deserve that no man should honor thee with sacrifice : for thou art of a truth a treacherous and
Page 87 - whole past existence. And this, perchance, is the dread Book of Judgment, in whose mysterious hieroglyphics every idle word is recorded. Yea, in the very nature of a living spirit, it may be more possible that heaven and earth should pass away, than that a single act, a single thought, should be loosened or lost from that living chain of causes, to all whose links, conscious or
Page 202 - varnish is to be applied cold with a light roll of very soft skin; this will impart to it a fine vermillion color, and cover it with a very thin and equal coating. The plate is then placed upon heated iron, which is wrapped round with several folds of paper, from which, by this
Page 216 - burst, and even the trees split by the action of the frost, with immense noise. In 1236, the* Danube was frozen to the bottom, and remained long in that state. In 1316, the crops wholly failed in Germany; wheat, which some years before sold in England at six shillings the quarter, rose
Page 203 - The plate is then lifted out, and held in a vertical position, till as much as possible of the solvent has been allowed to drop away. The pictured tablet is now carefully washed by being placed upon an inclined plane, over which a stream of water is carefully poured.'
Page 70 - years have I served him (Christ), and he has done me nothing but good, and how could I curse him, my Lord and Saviour

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